Van Helsing Photos and Sneak Peek: “Last Time”Van Helsing Photos and Sneak Peek: “Last Time”
On the next episode of Van Helsing, the group holes up at Susan's family farm, while Rebecca's experiment fails, causing Dmitri's patience to wear... Van Helsing Photos and Sneak Peek: “Last Time”

Ever since the group was forced to leave the hospital, their morale has understandably taken quite a dip. Not only were they exposed to extreme amounts of radiation (and nearly buried alive) at The Farm, they lost Axel to Doc’s cowardice and Flesh to the stability of Micah’s group, so while they might have gotten Mohammad back from exile, things are still very much on the downswing. In order for them to regain some confidence and recuperate from the recent losses they’ve suffered, they’re going to have to find somewhere they can lay their heads without fear, somewhere they can, at the very least, stay long enough to figure out their next move.

On the next episode of Van Helsing, the group ends up at Susan’s family farm where optimism finds them for the first time in a while. This might not have the security factor that made the hospital so comforting, but it’s a place away from the city that Susan knows well and somewhere isolated enough that can allow them to regroup. They can grab some supplies, get some sleep in fairly comfortable conditions, and decide whether they want to give it a go there or take a chance at finding a shelter that was more secure or further away from the hoards of vampires. Given how valuable Vanessa is to Rebecca, Dmitri, and Julius, they might not have the option of staying somewhere without some type of security system, but if the group wants to stay and defend the farm, could they trick it out like Axel did the hospital and use that as their first line of defense?

Elsewhere on Van Helsing, Rebecca’s experiment meant to create Daywalkers falls apart, causing Dmitri’s patience to wear thin, while Julius strong-arms Magdalena into giving up the location of Micah’s group.

Van Helsing airs Fridays at 10:00 on Syfy.

Will Susan’s family farm be the shelter the group needs right now? How long will it be before Rebecca and Dmitri are truly at odds? Is Julius going to move on the information fed to him by Magdalena?


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VAN HELSING -- "Last Time" Episode 111 -- Pictured: (l-r) Laura Mennell as Rebecca, Paul Johansson as Dmitri -- (Photo by: Dan Power/Helsing S1 Productions/Syfy)

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