Vampire Diaries: Todd Williams Talks About Whether Or Not Connor Is A “Killer”Vampire Diaries: Todd Williams Talks About Whether Or Not Connor Is A “Killer”
Interview with Todd Williams of The Vampire Diaries Vampire Diaries: Todd Williams Talks About Whether Or Not Connor Is A “Killer”

A new episode of The Vampire Diaries titled “The Killer” airs tomorrow on The CW, and to get us all ready, the network hosted a press screening and Q&A with actor Todd Williams (Connor), Executive Producer Julie Plec, and the writer of the episode, Michael Narducci.

While a lot of what they talked about would be considered spoilery before “The Killer” airs (which means you should come by after tomorrow’s episode has aired), we did get some information out of Mr. Williams about what compels his character to do what he does. Is he just a “Killer,” or does he have good intentions? Here’s what he had to say…

“From what I’ve come to understand, Connor… he’s actually, in a way, a victim of the tattoo,” Williams explains. “People assume that that’s all that Connor wants to do, is kill vampires, and he derives some kind of pleasure from it; but it’s quite the opposite. He’s a very tortured man, and he has a lot of questions. He didn’t even know his origins and his background. He’s in search for so many things, that there’s a level of desperation that you could see [in “The Killer”], because he was like ‘I just want to know. I want everything that I’ve done to be worth it’.”

“This tattoo — he’s not able to be compelled by vampires, but [the tattoo] kind of compels him to do what he does,” Williams says, inspiring a “Nice!” from Julie Plec next to him.

See some images from “The Killer” below, and don’t miss the episode itself tomorrow night, November 8 on The CW!


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