Vampire Diaries: Julie Plec Teases The Finale, Season 4, & BeyondVampire Diaries: Julie Plec Teases The Finale, Season 4, & Beyond
Vampire Diaries showrunner Julie Plec teases the show's future Vampire Diaries: Julie Plec Teases The Finale, Season 4, & Beyond

KSiteTV just returned from a screening of the Thursday, April 26 episode of The Vampire Diaries which was followed by a Q&A with actors Steven R. McQueen, Michael Trevino, Candice Accola, and Zach Roerig.

Lots of scoop was talked about — most of which cannot be shared until after Thursday’s episode airs — so for now, we figured we’d share a little bit about what the show’s Executive Producer Julie Plec had to say about this year’s season finale, some death, Season 4, and the show’s final moments.

First up, let’s see what she had to say about that finale, which is called “The Departed” and airs on May 10. We know the episode has a flashback, and that Sara Canning (Aunt Jenna) appears in said flashback, as do Elena’s parents. But what else can Julie say?

“The flashback in the finale is a nice, small little runner that goes through the entire episode, as Elena is looking back on a part of her life when things were more simple, at least from a supernatural level. That’s going to lead a lot of people to think ‘oh, they’re going to reveal something huge about the way that accident went down.’ And I will still say what I said three years ago. That was an accident. Period. End of story. No supernatural influence. So this episode isn’t about peeling back a layer of the mythology onion. We actually will get a little flash of something else that happened during that time that we never even really considered. It’s more of an emotional thing than it is a suspense thing,” she teases.

Other questions came up in the Q&A session, and Julie mostly teased, but she did answer some things. For example: Will Elena make her choice between Stefan and Damon, and how will that affect things? “It will affect everything, and yet… you’re going to have to ask me that question after the finale airs, because then I can expand on it a little bit more,” she says. Doesn’t seem to be a lot of info on that one.

Will anyone die before the season finale? “This year is not without its emotional casualties,” she says.

“You have to have the risk that somebody can never be seen again. Otherwise, the death doesn’t matter. Do we like telling people goodbye forever? No. As you’ve seen, we’ve sort of emotionally found a lot of different ways in our narrative to bring people back that we love, for better or for worse. For better, for us,” she continues.

Could even Elena be at risk? “Yeah. For sure. I mean, she’s got a Katherine. God knows how many Doppelgangers out there. And I’m dying to tell the Elena with Angel Wings story for Season 17,” Julie jokes. “Can’t wait for that. And then we’ll see where that goes,”she says. And on the subject of Katherine, Julie tells us that we will “not see hide nor hair” of Katherine until Klaus is gone for good. “His survival ties in to her appearance, or lack thereof,” Plec reveals.

Official word has not coming about The Vampire Diaries Season 4, but Plec says that they are feeling “as confident as one can feel.”

“We’ve already started talking about Season 4, which will take us through the rest of these guys’ final year in high school,” she says. “As they’re all going through some pretty extraordinary changes in their own emotional lives, personal lives, romantic lives, and supernatural lives. They are making decisions about their future, and what that will bring.”

And beyond that, is Julie aware of the final-final end game?

“Kevin and I came up with our end plan, sitting in the mall lobby of the W Midtown in Atlanta on a Sunday early in Season 2. We were tired, and stressed, and talked about the last moment of the show, the last character moments of the show, and both started to cry in the middle of the mall. We just felt like that was right. And so, assuming that he and I are both around… ‘assuming that he and I are lucky enough to survive into Season 20’… then yeah. We know how we want it to end,” she says.

As she says that, Steven R. McQueen asks her what happens, but gets no answer.

Be sure to tune in to a new Vampire Diaries on Thursday night, April 26 and come back here to KSiteTV for more from the Q&A in the coming days!

Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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