Vampire Diaries EPs Talk About The Show’s Final Season Vampire Diaries EPs Talk About The Show’s Final Season
Interview with Vampire Diaries Executive Producers Julie Plec and Chad Fiveash about the show's eighth and final season. Vampire Diaries EPs Talk About The Show’s Final Season

It has long been speculated that if Julie Plec hadn’t been one of the creators of The Vampire Diaries television series, she would have been the show’s biggest fan.

the vampire diariesWith that thought, it is to be expected that Plec will miss the series as much as its legion of fans will, as The Vampire Diaries will be entering its eighth and final season this Fall on The CW. The final season begins October 21 on the network and will last for sixteen episodes.

We caught up with Plec as well as fellow Executive Producer Chad Fiveash at this year’s CBS/CW/Showtime party during the Television Critics Association press tour to get some insights on what it is like to wrap this iconic show for its final year.

Can you talk about ending The Vampire Diaries on your own terms, knowing how many episodes you have left?

JULIE PLEC: It’s a really thrilling feeling that is mitigated by deep despair, pain, and tragedy of “what am I gonna do with myself, and what are all these people going to do it my life for the next eight years?” But other than that, as a storyteller, it feels fantastic. I was literally just saying that every choice you make is the choice that you’re making for good. You don’t have to “oh, we can’t get there this season!” or “oh, that’s too soon!” We don’t have any of those problems. Everything that you’ve always wanted to do, whether it’s getting two people together or killing a character or introducing a monster, now we can do. There’s no second guessing left anymore. We just get to throw it all out there; all of our little nuggets of goals.

CHAD FIVEASH: We’re pulling out the stops! We don’t save anything. That’s what’s so exciting about it. We don’t have to wait for [those] moments. I’ve been on the show for three years. I watched the show as a fan for five years. It’s so great to be able to get those scenes we always wanted to see.

JULIE PLEC: There’s no more pocketing left; it’s all putting it on the screen.

The Last DanceBeyond the obvious one (Elena), will we have certain people coming back next season?

JULIE PLEC: We’re going to have, in my opinion, an opportunity to have a glimpse at almost everybody that we’ve ever loved. That’s a very broad statement that I don’t even know if I can deliver on, so let’s just say that’s my hope. Obviously I want to make sure that Elena is in the finale. We still have characters like Tyler and Jeremy who are alive, and then we have plenty of characters who we’ve lost over the years that we love so deeply that maybe we can see them in flashbacks or other creative ways. I do know that we did just book “Sheriff Forbes” aka my best friend Marguerite McIntyre for a little cameo in the third episode, so that’s exciting, and we’ll be doing stuff like that all year long.

Does the third episode have a title you’re allowed to reveal?

CHAD FIVEASH: It’s “You Decided That I Was Worth Saving.”

Moonlight on the BayouIs there any possibility we will see any of the Vampire Diaries characters living on through The Originals once the show is over?

JULIE PLEC: First of all, it is my hope and desire that The Originals lives on [for] many more seasons to come, precisely for those kinds of opportunities, that we can take this world that we have developed, with the Mikaelson family, and occasionally have a little drive-by or a repopulation with these characters that we love. I’m not going to say anything about how this season ends, or the series ends, but there is definitely opportunity for that moving forward.

tvdpilotDo you have any last words for the fans who have been following since Season One?

JULIE PLEC: We’re so psyched about this season for all the reasons that any fan has been watching since the beginning should be excited. It kind of brings everything home again, and it celebrates the things we’ve loved the most, and it allows us to revisit parties and people that we’ve enjoyed. It’s really a celebration of the people that have watched the show all along, because there are so many little things like the episode titles that they’ll be able to latch on to; little Easter eggs that they’ll be able to have fun with.

The final season of The Vampire Diaries drops October 21 on The CW; be sure to browse KSiteTV for more TVD coverage! Our thanks to Julie Plec & Chad Fiveash for a great interview — the final season should be great!


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