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Vampire Diaries: Eight Things About “The Killer”

Now that we have a “Do Not Reveal” list, we know what we are allowed to say about tomorrow night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, titled “The Killer.” (See some images from the episode here). Here are some teasers of what we can expect on Thursday night, November 8.

– A great scene between Stefan and Damon. Of course we’re not getting into details, but it gets pretty intense between the Salvatore brothers, who have had drama brewing ever since Elena first sprouted fangs. That brotherhood is an important part of the series, and it’s great that that core can be revisited.

– Caroline doesn’t like Hayley at all. Caroline meets Hayley, who is still shacking up in werewolf-hybridville. No matter what the relationship was between Tyler and Hayley in the past, Caroline’s not liking this one bit. Speaking of Hayley, I wish they’d just let Phoebe Tonkin speak in her naturally awesome Australian accent. It might not match with the character, but it would make me buy the character more. I love seeing Phoebe Tonkin, though.

– Bonnie’s off in Dr. Shane-land. I guess we should be thankful Bonnie is in the episode at all… too bad most of her scenes are off with Dr. Shane, who is helping her bring her own magic back.

– One of the big ‘ships gets a kiss. Delena or Stelena? You guess. (This is mean, I know.)

– Matt’s not the only one anymore. Isn’t it great that with April on the show now, Matt’s not the only non-supernatural person in town anymore? Okay, so there are people like Liz Forbes too, but you know what I mean.

– Trapped at the Mystic Grill! Vampire hunter Connor traps a few folks at the Mystic Grill, and not everyone makes it out unscathed.

– Super team up! So many characters work together on a common goal. In a show with changing loyalties like The Vampire Diaries, this is nice to see.

– The diaries are back! The show lives up to its name as Elena finally writes some [vampire] diaries again. Diary Elena, we’ve missed you.

So how is the episode? There are some moments that definitely propel Season 4 along. I’m still not sold on Vampire Elena, but it could be a matter of just not being used to her as of yet. Or maybe I just want her to be decisive for once. Still, most of the cast is around for this one, which is nice, and I have a feeling that what happens next will be even bigger.

Vampire Diaries “The Killer” airs Thursday night, November 8 on The CW!

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  1. No one cares if Stelena kiss. They are together and they have kissed in every ep. this season except ep. 4. It’s no big deal if they kiss, so teasing fans w/ it is pretty transparent. It’s obviously not Delena.


    DELENA ??? noooo just teasing fans as always……for ratings.

  3. Nothing here anymore

    Of course its going to be STALEna. Wouldnt expect anything else. A ploy of course, trying to get Delena fans to watch for ratings..I’m not falling for that.

  4. Nothing here anymore

    AHA! Carina just confirmed it’s STALEna!!

  5. I for one love Stefan and Elena together, there are lots of us. And yes Stefan is still Elena’s boyfriend, for the moment. So yeah, it will be their kiss.

    I don’t get why some fans want to turn Elena into some skank for some fan service, getting it on with one brother while she is with the other. That’s just sad.

  6. @Julian

    What’s sad is that you assumed that people want Elena to turn into “some skank for fan service”. You know what they say about people making assumptions.

    My only issue is this spoiler site is OBVIOUSLY trying to get Delena fans to watch by acting like the kiss COULD be them, when it’s obviously not.

    I don’t want Delena to kiss while Stelena are together. But teasing the fans to get them to watch is just uncool, and transparent, as I already said.

    And I would say “lots of us” is a huge stretch, at least in comparison to the Delena fanbase.

    When Delena get together it won’t be while Stelena are together and none of their scenes are fanservice. They are building their relationship and I for one am willing to wait for it to happen.

  7. 1) Stop the ship wars. It’s more annoying than papercuts.
    2) Yes, there are a lot of stelena fans out there. They rule tumblr, there was a point when stelena trended worldwide nearly every day & KW said he meets plenty of SE fans in person…but I don’t even know why SE or DE fans talk about who has the larger fanbase. Who cares? That doesn’t affect what goes on in the show. JP said she’s in it for the story, not a popularity contest.
    3) I ship SE but I want DE to finally happen ( at least for a while) b/c it’s been 4 seasons & major progress has yet to happen. As a hardcore SE fan, I am willing to admit that DE deserves their time as well.

  8. Ashley, as a part of the Stelena fanbase forgive me if I don’t exactly buy your premise. I could really care less about the delena fan base, which seems fair cause it seems the feeling is mutual.

    And that’s great that you don’t want Elena cheating on Stefan either. So what even is your point? We can agree we don’t want skank Elena.

    I’ll also agree the teasing of who kisses who is just awful. It just teases fans and leaves everyone frustrated.

    And I agree Alexis, ship wars are very annoying, so now I’ll just retreat back to my Stelena tumbr!

  9. I get so sick of these spoilers teasing about who Elena is going to kiss or have sex with. It’s ALWAYS Stefan so who fricken cares anymore. Stop teasing because it’s not a surprise and it’s just annoying trying to mislead lead people to get their hopes up just so they can feel like stupid for getting played again. Do the creators really get a rise out of doing this to their fans? They must because it happens all the time. How about trying something different like actually surprising people.