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Vampire Diaries “Bring It On” Promo Trailer Screencaps

Warning: Spoilers for this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries are being discussed here.

So now that we have had a little time to mourn the Gilbert house, Jeremy, and Elena’s humanity, can we now look forward to what’s coming when the show returns March 14?

Thanks to Mr. Video, we now have screen captures from the promo trailer for the show’s March 14 return. It’s called “Bring It On,” and someone’s going to have to tell Elena “it’s already been broughten.” Really, though. You can see the televised version of the trailer here, unless at some point an extended one makes its way online, at which time we’ll replace the video.

Enjoy the caps, and as always, if you like them, just send people on over to the site rather than posting on your own site/Tumblr/etc. Thanks!


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