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The Vampire Diaries Episode 100: Screencaps From A Trailer!

The 100th episode of The Vampire Diaries airs in just one week — Thursday, January 23 at 8PM on The CW — and the episode promises some return appearances by old friends and what is sure to be tragedy, because, come on, it is the Vampire Diaries, after all.

S030A-123-VAM-130-31Thanks to Mr. Video, we have screen captures from one of the episode promo trailers, featuring at least one of those familiar faces. The episode is called “500 Years Of Solitude” and it’s an adventure through the life of Katherine Pierce.

Will you be watching? We know we’ll be sure not to miss it.

Here are those screencaps:


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  1. f yes for klaroline!!!!
    seriously they cannot give up on that CHEMISTRY.
    Thanks for this ksitetv!

    ITS BEEN 84 YEARS..,,,.


  4. When will the trailer be released????

  5. Oh my god I seriously started crying when I saw the pics of Klaroline ♥♥♥♥ I tried to ship Klayley and for a moment I thought I ship them (klayley) but now when I saw the promo pics I am like KLAROLINE OH GOD PLEASE LET HAYLEY DIE!

  6. Pic-2 Damon, Pic-3 Elena- Such sad little faces and tearful eyes. Oh’ I’m gonna need a box of tissues for this one :(

  7. Well, it looks that we will see NO KLAROLINE!!!!! I heared rumors about Stefan and Caroline!!! Im so pissed of on JP!!! I seriously will fly to USA and KILL JP if there will be NO Klaroline!! Im waiting for Klaroline since they first met! (When Klaus healed her in 3×11)!
    In the pic Carol doesnt look suprised or happy to see Klaus!!! I think she will be pissed on him bc Tyler broke up with her bc of revenge! Klaus choosed Caroline over revenge and now here is Tyler, who claimed that how much he loves Caroline, now broke up with her bc of revenge! So tell me, who is the one who really loves and deserves Caroline???! KLAUS! I know what he did in his past to her and her friends, but still ! He is capable of real love to her, no1 else only her! You can see it, when he is with her, he is completly diferent person! I always say that hope never dies, but this time I have that feeling, that there will be NO KLAROLINE! It looks Caroline will end up in bed with Stefan! It will become a totaly big secret! NOT good one! And we ALL KLAROLINE FANS will try to handle ourselves, to not cry, but I guess in this planet will doesnt exist a fan who will not want to kill JP. I say for myself that if there will be no KLAROLINE! I WILL STOP WATCHING BOTH SERIES!!!! THE ORIGINALS and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES! And of course buy a flying ticket do USA!!!

  8. Guys,please!Its a fact.Caroline kisses Klaus and maybe not only kiss!!!!Watch Australian promo.
    There is no STEROLINE.Caroline Dries said that Caroline will not have a love interest for a while,she will be single.But she needs some lone in….KLAUS of course!!!
    Don’t give up!!!
    The are percet together!!!

  9. KLAROLINE FOREVER………………………………………….