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From USA Today: Is This The CW’s Fall 2012 Schedule?

An article just posted on USAToday.com might reveal The CW’s Fall 2012 schedule, which contains some interesting moves, including the relocation of Supernatural to Wednesday nights, paired with the highly-anticipated Green Arrow show Arrow.

Keep in mind that the article may be based on presumption, so if this does not end up being the schedule as announced tomorrow morning, blame them, not us.

Here’s what it’s looking like, at least according to USA Today. It looks like the timeslots ARE listed in a sidebar at the original page, which we didn’t know, so this article is now updated accordingly.

UPDATE: It turns out it was all mostly accurate, except that Arrow will be on Wednesdays at 8 rather than 9, and Supernatural is flipped too. Also, First Cut is now called Emily Owens, M.D.

8PM Gossip Girl, replaced by The Carrie Diaries at midseason
9PM 90210

8PM Hart Of Dixie
9PM First Cut

8PM Supernatural
9PM Arrow

8PM The Vampire Diaries
9PM Beauty and the Beast

8PM America’s Next Top Model
9PM Nikita

It is to be assumed that since Cult wasn’t mentioned, that it will be on at midseason.

What do you all think? Let’s see how this all pans out… tomorrow should be a fun day!

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  1. I hope that is wrong. #CWFail

  2. The Secret Circle!!
    I don’t want this to be true!
    Hopefully another network will pick it up…

  3. I really hope this is wrong. “Supernatural” should be on Fridays and paired with “Nikita” like it’s been for the last two seasons.

    I feel that having it on Wednesday would be a big mistake.

  4. Nikita with ANTM i really hope this is not true
    what are they thinking

  5. I’m good with this schedule. I think they are all good pairs (minus Nikita and ANTM, but really C-Dub should just let go of Tyra immediately).

    I’m excited for Beauty and the Beast, Arrow, and Cult, and First Cut. We’ll see about The Carrie Diaires. I won’t rule it out until I see it.

  6. I give up. I’ll just download the show I want to watch from now on.

  7. They better not move Supernatural from Friday. Supernatural Fridays are the best Fridays.

  8. I’m beyond pissed with the Nikita and Top Model pairing.

    Don’t get me work, I like Supernatural, but that show is approaching the finish line. I can’t see it going beyond S9.

    It already established a home on Friday and it’s not like it’s going to grow much.

    Call me biased but they renewed Nikita and they should’ve paired it with Arrow.

  9. I’m glad the commenters aren’t in charge of programming. I would love to see Supernatural back on a good night. Friday is a horrible day and if they put the show back any other day, it’s a show in confidence in the series. ANTM should go to friday and die off after the next cycle. I agree with Fabian, it should be gone. Other than that show only the Hart show I wouldn’t watch once GG is gone, I think the CW should change things up because things aren’t working now. I watched TSC but I won’t really miss it, it’s not coming back on any network.

  10. typo,in the actual article they listed arrow at 9 not 8 pm.

  11. How the hell is Nikita’s ratings supposed to go up if they leave it in that awful Friday night time slot?!

  12. Actually, the original article doesn’t say if it’s at 8 or 9, just that they’re paired together. We’ll know tomorrow, I guess…

  13. Ohh now I see it! You’re right. I didn’t see the sidebar…

  14. What is ‘Beauty and the Beast’? Is this another ridiculous dating show or is CW cashing in on the success of Once Upon a Time and Grimm by making it’s own Fairy Tale series?

  15. It’s a remake of the CBS show from the late 80’s that had Ron Perelman and Linda Hamilton. Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan star in this version.

  16. I thought nikita was canceled? And did someone just say Supernatural was going to be on a 8pm on a Wednesday? Yeah that’s the perfect time for a horror genre show. I know that’s when I like to get my gore on. I assume they just throw darts at a board for these results?

  17. unpopular opinion clearly, but i like this line up. moving supernatural is fine to me. Friday is the worst day of the week for a show to be on…i think its a sign that the cw appreciates spn by moving it to wed (assuming this is correct of course lol) and supernatural being paired with arrow means arrow will have the second best chance of survival…they want to give arrow the best shot they can and there was no way they were going to put arrow on a friday. Nikita and arrow would not have been paired up either cause they are just too different…though antm and nikita….thats the only thing kindof atrocious about the line up…if this line up is real than that is a sign that one if not both of those shows will not survive next season….i dont know I think i’m just rambling now lol. can’t wait to hear the official news tomorrow. and no matter what times my favorite shows (spn and nikita) and the most interesting of the new shows (arrow, cult, beauty and the beast) are on i’ll still tune in.

  18. Hey! Go to Cw.com! About every single of the fans there love secret circle! Me included!! Y’all better not cancel it because there are a whole lot more questions to answer! You can not leave us hanging wanting more! We demand secret circle! the rating will improve i’m sure of it. this show is epic and don’t leave us hanging on this thin thread. Bring this show back or you are going to lose a whole lot of viewers! Answer our questions! Quench our thirst for more! We want more! The people have asked, and therefore you better giveth!! Please, there I asked nicely. :-/ but I am serious. This was the only show I watch on this channel and if it’s not on anymore, I won’t be watching this channel. Sorry, too bad. But nothing else caught my fancy

  19. im all for the pairing of arrow and supernatural. but supernatural is known to be slice and dice ‘gory’ according to tv standards. if it moves to 8 i hope this doesnt put a damper on that. if friday really was the death slot and supernatural was pulling about 2 mil viewers then it should go up on a different night. the cw better get the lead out and start telling viewers.

  20. No, no supernatural is a stupid show (now). They cant pair it with a new show they want to do well (Arrow). If anything it should be after Arrow. Wednesday seems a good day for Arrow but not after Supernatural. what a way to kill the ratings before things even begin. Hope this isnt official.

  21. That would be a big mistake for the CW to push Supernatural on wednesdays it needs to be on fridays with Nikita!