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The First 14 Minutes Of V Season 2!

ABC has released the first 14 minutes of V’s second season online. Check it out:

For much more on V Season 2, including images and interviews, drop by our V portal, VisitorSite.net! You’re also all invited to talk about this clip on our V sub-forum at KryptonSite.

The second season of V begins Tuesday, January 4 on ABC!

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  1. Ican’t wait for the return of V ! that scene where anna’S tail comes out of her and attacks that other v was awesome !!!

  2. Looks awesome! But the V’s eyes are different than they were in season 1…they were gold and slit-pupiled in season 1

  3. Does anyone know if the second series is gonna be aired on UK TV?

  4. looks good but I would like to knowwhen it will be shown in UK