Breaking Out: Who I’d Like To See In The CW’s Tomorrow People Pilot Breaking Out: Who I’d Like To See In The CW’s Tomorrow People Pilot
Craig Byrne reveals who he would like to see in The CW's Tomorrow People pilot. Breaking Out: Who I’d Like To See In The CW’s Tomorrow People Pilot

Although we’ve gotten casting news for several CW pilots by now, including Oxygen, Reign, and, of course, The Originals, things have been pretty quiet so far for The CW’s pilot based on the British classic The Tomorrow People…. which is a shame, because with its super-abilities, it’s one of the ones we’re most excited about for this year.

Hopefully news will come soon, but if anyone cares, here’s who we were thinking about when reading descriptions of the show’s young characters.

John: Although Cara is quite assertive herself, John Young is, in a way, like the leader of the Tomorrow People — or at least, he seemed to be in the original series. Being The CW, they’d need someone good looking, fairly known, with the ability to play authority if need be.

My choice? Matt Lanter of 90210. Yes, 90210 is still on, but it’s a sinking ship and the Liam Court character is going around in circles. How many times can Liam get blackmailed or stalked, anyway? Who knows if it’ll even be back next year, as the show has had its 100 episodes. Lanter deserves better, and if he’s good enough for Anakin Skywalker, he’s good enough for another popular franchise.

If he’s not available, how about Christian Alexander, who has forever been listed as just a guest star on The Lying Game?

Cara: The face I kept going back to when reading her scenes – not just because of the name – was Laura Vandervoort of Smallville and V fame. I still wish we had seen more of Laura on Smallville, or that V had gotten more seasons, and I think she’s a face The CW audiences would love to see again. I’ve been so sold on this that this isn’t even the first time I’ve brought it up.

Jedikiah Price: The easy temptation would be to cast someone like Gale Harold, which is exactly why I wouldn’t want them to go there, as we don’t need Secret Circle Redux. To play Jedikiah they’d need someone who can play manipulative and creepy. and who could play manipulative and creepy better than Adrian Pasdar did on Profit? Yes, another Lying Game person, and someone who’s dealt with people with powers before, but this would be something new, on the non-powered side.

If he’s not available, why not go with a face familiar to a huge fan base who’s usually known for playing an angel, but would be very interesting to see more of a dark side from? I’m talking, of course, about Misha Collins, who would bring a whole Supernatural fan base with him… provided that we could see him some more as Castiel from time to time.

Russell: Russell is Cara’s brother, and I’m assuming he’s her younger brother. It doesn’t sound like a very big role, at least to start, so something like this might be best filled by someone new who can grow into the part.

Stephen: In a way like the original British Tomorrow People pilot, the casting of Stephen is key. They’ll need to go young, they’ll need to go very attractive, because without this one casted right, they might as well not even bother.

Astrid: Stephen’s “sap” (homo sapien, without powers) best friend. This would be a great excuse to get Malese Jow back on television, after a great turn on The Vampire Diaries as Anna. We miss her!

This one also might be one where it would be great to cast someone new that people have never heard of, and it might be worthwhile to cast an actor of color for the role, to give things more diversity… though really, that could work for any or all of them.

TIM: For the voice of TIM, you’ll need an amazing voice. Hello, John Noble from Fringe. We miss you already. Hell, if not the voice of TIM, go full on as Jedikiah… if The CW can even afford him.

Although none of these choices will probably actually make it to the Tomorrow People pilot, dream casting is always fun, and you may see more of this at KSiteTV if the inspiration ever hits. Who would you like to see as the next stage in evolution on The CW? Leave some of your comments below.


Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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