Once Upon A Time’s Sean Maguire In Timeless Episode 4Once Upon A Time’s Sean Maguire In Timeless Episode 4
Once Upon A Time's Sean Maguire will be appearing on Timeless as the creator of James Bond. Once Upon A Time’s Sean Maguire In Timeless Episode 4

The fourth episode of NBC’s Timeless is called “Party at Castle Varlar” and there will be a familiar face within: Once Upon A Time’s Robin Hood, Sean Maguire.

EW revealed recently that Maguire will be playing author Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond, in his pre-Bond career as an undercover British agent behind enemy lines. It’s part of an episode that will be taking place in Nazi Germany.

“We knew we couldn’t just do a war movie, so where we landed was, ‘Alright, then let’s do a spy movie’,” Timeless executive producer Eric Kripke told EW.

“We needed a spy in Germany to help our heroes and bring them into this world… and we turned to our historian, and he said, ‘Let me work on it,’ and then he comes running in the room an hour later and says, ‘Ian Fleming was there!’ So, quickly, we realized our World War II story was really a James Bond movie, and we had a real James Bond,” he said.

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Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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