The Royals Sneak Peeks: “More Than Kin, and Less Than Kind” The Royals Sneak Peeks: “More Than Kin, and Less Than Kind”
On the next episode of The Royals, Liam's impulsiveness and jealousy toward Robert create a tense atmosphere, while Jasper's past catches up with him. The Royals Sneak Peeks: “More Than Kin, and Less Than Kind”

With Robert back at the castle after being presumed dead, Liam was expected to be overjoyed, thrilled that his brother survived an assassination attempt. And certainly, there’s a part of Liam that didn’t want Robert to die and that is happy to have another piece of his family back in the fold after the death of his father. However, Robert arrived back at the castle just as things were getting back to normal; Eleanor, Helena, and him found themselves on great terms and the grief they had been struggling with had become manageable, so with the paternity scandal thwarted, it was his time to assume the English throne, not Robert’s. So it was only a matter of time before that jealousy and insecurity started manifesting itself in their relationship.

On the next episode of The Royals, Liam attempts to emulate his father by giving the staff the holiday off. However, Liam didn’t know that the December isolation of the royal family was something planned months in advance, meaning that in his attempt at looking more kingly in front of his loved ones, he left a group of people who have no idea how to take care of themselves with no help. That overcompensation for the feelings of inadequacy that Robert brings out in him, brought about his older brother’s claim to the throne and relationship with Kathryn, has been years in the making and with Liam now a mature, self-assured adult, he’s not going to take Robert’s smug passive aggression anymore. But this conflict is coming at a time when the country needs stability in its leadership, so given Liam’s newfound love of country, if the chaos behind the scenes starts to negatively impact the people of England, he might back down and wait for another moment to make his move.

Elsewhere on The Royals, Helena deals with the aftermath of an unexpected sexual conquest, while Robert’s nosiness and a leak to the press threaten to undermine Jasper’s relationship with Eleanor.

The Royals airs Sundays at 10:00 on E!.

Will the royal family be able to survive a staff-less Christmas without killing one another? How long will it be before Liam’s stewing resentment toward Robert boils over? Can Eleanor and Jasper find a way to keep their relationship from being splashed across the tabloids?


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