The Royals Season Finale Preview: “To Show My Duty in Your Coronation” The Royals Season Finale Preview: “To Show My Duty in Your Coronation”
On the season finale of The Royals, Liam tries to validate Boone's file before Robert's coronation, while Jasper makes a play for Eleanor's heart. The Royals Season Finale Preview: “To Show My Duty in Your Coronation”

When Robert returned from the island after being thought dead, Liam knew that he should be grateful. Not everyone who loses someone has the chance to get them back and in the wake of Simon’s murder, having Robert back in his life should’ve been considered an immense blessing, the type of second chance at building a relationship with a loved one he wouldn’t get with his father. But while a part of Liam might be grateful that Robert returned, the part that fundamentally loves his brother for being his brother, Robert’s resurrection has provided nothing but complications for Liam; not only has Liam lost Kathryn before the two even had a chance to build something together, he’s now forced into the “spare” role he lived in his entire life. Getting to break out of that prison was the greatest thing that could’ve happened to Liam, as it allowed him to truly live for the first time, and on the season finale of The Royals, he’s not looking to take up residence now that Robert is prepared to become king.

Aiding Liam’s quest to carve out his own identity away from Robert is Jasper’s knowledge of Boone’s file and how that relates to Robert’s time in the military. If there’s something there that can invalidate Robert’s ascension to the throne, the type of scandal that would dominate the tabloids and make the Privy council regret their decision, Liam has to confirm it and get that information to the right people before Robert’s coronation. Once Robert gets coronated as the next King of England, Liam will be damned to a lifetime of being thought of as nothing but an extension to his brother, a cast-off that will be forced upon the country should something happen to Robert. Having his entire life framed like that would absolutely destroy what confidence Liam built up during Robert’s absence, removing the sense of purpose and thirst for leadership that currently drives his quest for the throne; Liam knows that he can be a good leader if given the chance, but the only way he can have the chance to prove himself in front of God, England, and his mother is if Robert gets out of the way. And if the information in Boone’s file can be corroborated, Liam just might get that chance.

Elsewhere on The Royals, Jasper makes one last play for Eleanor’s heart before she leaves the castle to start her new career, while Cyrus struggles moving forward after losing the crown to Robert and Helena has to pick up the pieces following a significant loss.

The season finale of The Royals airs Sunday at 10:00 on E!.

What do you think Liam finds out about Robert through Boone’s file? Will Jasper be able to stop Eleanor from leaving the castle? Is there any chance that Robert’s coronation doesn’t happen and Liam gets the crown?


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