The Magicians Season 3 Adds Jaime Ray Newman The Magicians Season 3 Adds Jaime Ray Newman
Syfy fantasy drama The Magicians has added Drop Dead Diva alum Jaime Ray Newman. Season three is set to premiere this coming January. The Magicians Season 3 Adds Jaime Ray Newman

TV Line is reporting that the upcoming third season of The Magicians has added Red Widow alum Jaime Ray Newman. She’ll be playing Irene McAllister, a member of the Brakebills Board of Trustees who comes from a family of powerful magicians. 

Season two of The Magicians concluded with Quentin killing Ember after the god contemplated destroying Fillory due to it getting boring. Though Quentin managed to save the fabled land of his childhood, one that he thought he would only read about in books until he discovered that his favorite novel series was for real, his act of heroism shut down magic for all but the gods and higher-level magical creatures. However, with Julia still possessing a spark of magic, there’s still hope that magic will be restored and that Quentin will be able to protect Fillory from an impending fairy attack.

In addition to her role on the ABC drama, Newman has appeared on the likes of Major Crimes, Bates Motel, and Drop Dead Diva. She’s the second confirmed new addition to season three, joining Supernatural’s Felicia Day.

The third season of The Magicians is set to premiere January 2018 on Syfy.


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