The Girlfriend Experience Sneak Peeks: “Making Amends” / “Citizens First” The Girlfriend Experience Sneak Peeks: “Making Amends” / “Citizens First”
On the next episodes of The Girlfriend Experience, Bria is forced to face Donald in court, while Anna seeks answers after her rejection by... The Girlfriend Experience Sneak Peeks: “Making Amends” / “Citizens First”

Going into witness protection in exchange for immunity was supposed to be the lifeline that ensured Bria’s safety while keeping her out of prison. She would give up her lavish lifestyle, albeit temporarily, in order to testify against Donald and help put the man whose power and influence pushed her into doing things she never considered behind bars. However, from the very beginning, the arrangement was something fraud with unease, whether it be Bria’s unwillingness to live a simpler life, Ian’s unhealthy obsession that led to the safe house being bugged, or Donald being released from police custody. Instead of feeling protected, Bria was forced to go on the defensive, inherently wondering if she had made the right decision by cooperating in the first place.

On the next episodes of The Girlfriend Experience, Bria is forced into court to fulfill her duty in testifying against Donald. If she was so worried about the safe house being uncomfortably close to Donald’s place, the idea of being in the same room at the same time as this man, who could’ve (and probably would’ve) had her killed were it not for government intervention, brings about a sense of dread that shakes her to her core. Normally unflappable, or at least well adept at compartmentalizing her emotions, Bria is arguably at her most vulnerable heading into court, which leaves her at an interesting crossroads. Considering her arrangement with the feds, you’d think she would go ahead and give the prosecution enough ammo to take Donald down, but with how her time as Bria actually went and her heightened sense of self-preservation at work, could Bria clam up on the stand? Would she be willing to risk the ire of Ian and those responsible for her deal in order to take Donald’s target off of her and get revenge for everything that happened during her time in protection?

Elsewhere on The Girlfriend Experience, Anna seeks answers after being rejected by Erica, while Erica is targeted in the investigation into whether Shaw dropped the case against McCord as a result of Right To Act’s influence.

The Girlfriend Experience airs Sundays at 9:00 on Starz.


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