The Girlfriend Experience Sneak Peeks: “Solicitation” / “Negotiation” The Girlfriend Experience Sneak Peeks: “Solicitation” / “Negotiation”
On the next episodes of The Girlfriend Experience, Erica reconsiders her relationship priorities, while Bria makes another attempt to bed Paul. The Girlfriend Experience Sneak Peeks: “Solicitation” / “Negotiation”

With Anna’s help, Erica managed to leverage Novak’s disgusting misogyny into a donor list that could be a major get for her Super PAC. Not only did she get to help Right To Action, and all their candidates currently in the running, with the unexpected cash windfall, Erica got to do something that her position doesn’t allow her – make business personal. The demands of Erica’s job force her to compartmentalize some of the worst stuff she witnesses and finds out about all in the name of political (and capital) gain, so the opportunity to stick it to somebody like Novak was too good to pass up. But what happens now that Novak, who has already shown a penchant for violence against women, is on the warpath?

On the next episode of The Girlfriend Experience, Erica has already started making her way through the donor list and doing her due diligence on some possibly damaging information on Senator McCord. However, she can’t fully relax or focus on her occupation with the threat of retaliation from Novak lingering in the background; Anna can at least take a breath because he knows none of her personal information, but Erica works in the same sphere as Novak and can’t exactly duck and hide from whatever revenge he has planned. This is something that she’s going to have to face head on and prepare both herself and Anna for, this possible fallout that could cross over from professional warfare to a personal vendetta. But can Erica really manage to protect herself, Anna, and Right To Action from Novak’s ire? How much damage is she willing to suffer over the sex tape and donor list?

Elsewhere on The Girlfriend Experience, Bria makes an extra step toward finally bedding Paul, but when he still refuses her advances, she looks to expand her client base while under Ian’s eye.

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