The Girlfriend Experience Sneak Peeks: “Family” / “Living Like a Tornado” The Girlfriend Experience Sneak Peeks: “Family” / “Living Like a Tornado”
On the next episodes of The Girlfriend Experience, Erica begins feeling more pressure at work, while Bria looks to Paul for a lifeline. The Girlfriend Experience Sneak Peeks: “Family” / “Living Like a Tornado”

Erica is the type of person who thrives under pressure. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t have risen up the ranks at Right To Act as quickly as she has, nor would she have even set foot in the world of political fundraising to begin with. Every day she sets foot in the office, Erica must continue working to prove herself to men who see her as weak, easily manipulated, and lacking a killer instinct, a particular set of circumstances that has only sharpened her focus and determination. But while Erica knows how to maneuver her way around blowhard donors and sweet talk candidates into bending to her will, how will she handle something from her personal life adding to the inherent pressure of her life?

On the next episodes of The Girlfriend Experience, Anna informs Erica that she’s gotten pregnant and wants to raise the baby with her. Originally, Erica got into this arrangement with Anna because of the opportunity it provided to let her hair down and how she gets off on sexually subjugating much younger women. It would be a way for her to blow off some steam from the office while indulging in sexual fantasies with someone willing to do just about anything to please her. However, Erica is in neither the mental nor emotional space to handle something like this, not when things at work are only getting more complicated and cutthroat and not when her connection with Anna is only sexual in nature. Even if she was ready and willing to have a child, which isn’t a guarantee given how deeply she’s entrenched in her work, this is neither the person nor the situation that Erica would want to be tied to for the rest of her life, but will she be willing to let Anna go as a result? 

Elsewhere on The Girlfriend Experience, feeling cornered by Ian and still fearing for her life with Donald no longer in police custody, Bria presses Paul to move in together.

The Girlfriend Experience airs Sundays at 9:00 on Starz.


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