The Girlfriend Experience Finale Sneak Peeks: “Free Fall” / “Relapse” The Girlfriend Experience Finale Sneak Peeks: “Free Fall” / “Relapse”
On the season finale of The Girlfriend Experience, Bria makes one final stand against her enemies, while Erica falls into a downward spiral. The Girlfriend Experience Finale Sneak Peeks: “Free Fall” / “Relapse”

Rather than face Donald in court and give Ian the satisfaction of delivering her, bag firmly over head, to the authorities, Bria followed her anxiety out the doors of the courthouse and into a cab to take her away from it all. She might not have a plan worked out for what happens after she flees from the government, but Bria has shown herself to be a resourceful person with a strong sense of self-preservation; she’s willing to do whatever it takes to protect herself and ensure herself a life of comfort, a quality made all the stronger by her time under Ian’s “care”. Yet even with Bria’s considerable street smarts, is it even possible for her to stay on the lam and avoid detection?

On the season finale of The Girlfriend Experience, Bria finds herself pursued by Donald and the law. Being that it’s only matter of time before the authorities get tipped off, considering Donald’s influence, the government’s reach, and the fact that that Bria isn’t running away to hole herself away from the world, it’s time for her to come up with a plan for when the ax falls. With her shooting skills up to par, Bria sets her sights on new client Stuart, a man she looks at as the means to an end; if she’s going to make one final stand against Donald, Ian, and the rest of the authorities, she’s going to need the resources (and possibly protection) that Stuart can provide. Above all else, Bria’s greatest weapon is her ability to manipulate others without leaving her fingerprints, so this is arguably the best shot she has in ensuring that she doesn’t wind up back in custody. But even with this as the best alternative, will it be enough to keep Bria from having to face her past once and for all?

Elsewhere on The Girlfriend Experience, Erica falls into a downward spiral as the investigation into Right To Action’s involvement with Shaw and the mystery around how A4 ended up sold to Haban intensify, while Anna returns to the top of her game just in time for Erica to witness.

The season finale of The Girlfriend Experience airs Sunday at 9:00 on Starz.

Do you think Bria will be able to evade authorities after fleeing her court date? What type of price will Erica have to pay for her actions with Shaw and involvement with Peter? Will Anna feel some type of karmic justice after learning that Erica was behind the professional 8-ball and no longer with Darya?


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