The Girlfriend Experience Sneak Peeks: “Egg Shells” / “The List” The Girlfriend Experience Sneak Peeks: “Egg Shells” / “The List”
On the next episodes of The Girlfriend Experience, Ian begins suspecting Bria of breaking protocol, while Erica and Anna grow closer. The Girlfriend Experience Sneak Peeks: “Egg Shells” / “The List”

Though Bria knows that getting away from Donald is best for both her and Kayla, completely altering her lifestyle takes some getting used to. Bria was once the recipient of expensive clothes and jewelry, living in the finest houses and allowed to come and go as she pleased; now, though, she has to dress down, work a blue collar job, and live under the thumb of Ian until further notice. In theory, it’s worth it to keep herself and Kayla safe, but with Kayla berating her daily and nothing to keep her mentally or sexually stimulated, Bria is bound to return to old habits.

On the next episode of The Girlfriend Experience, Ian begins suspecting that Bria is defying his orders and returning to her GFE lifestyle. Hurting Bria, who becomes more entwined with new client Paul, is that Ian has (essentially) a more accurate lie detector that won’t let her wriggle her way out of trouble. Were it just she and him, Bria could talk her way out of this tight spot and go about her business, but she’s now essentially pinned inside her home thanks to Ian’s machine and forced to take even more drastic measures if she wants to continue working as a GFE. Even though the government’s orders to her are ostensibly for her own benefit, as her proximity to Donald and Donald’s connectedness makes drawing attention to herself a fool’s errand, Bria’s not used to giving up control of her life, especially to someone she barely knows who could easily take advantage of that given how isolated she is. But should she give up her GFE aspirations and bunker down until it’s safe to return to the life she once lived? 

Elsewhere on The Girlfriend Experience, a piece of incriminating evidence gets Erica closer to Novak’s dark money and a more personal relationship with Anna.

The Girlfriend Experience airs Sundays at 9:00 on Starz.

What will Ian do if he gets confirmation that Bria has returned to the GFE lifestyle? Could he become more of a danger to her than Donald ever was? What do you think makes Erica so drawn to Anna? 


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