The Girlfriend Experience Sneak Peeks: “Donors” / “Moral Inventory” The Girlfriend Experience Sneak Peeks: “Donors” / “Moral Inventory”
On the next episodes of The Girlfriend Experience, Ian bugs Bria's apartment and begins following her, while Anna expresses her vulnerability to Erica. The Girlfriend Experience Sneak Peeks: “Donors” / “Moral Inventory”

Still miserable that she had to be stuck in a drab house with a menial job, Bria was given a light at the end of the tunnel through her recent pre-trial testimony. Things were finally moving in the right direction and it was only a matter of time before Donald’s trial commenced, she got to say her peace in a court of law, and he would be led away in handcuffs, with the life that she’s been antsy to get back to hers for the taking. Her current claustrophobia, so deafening that it pushed her back into the GFE lifestyle, would come to an end soon enough.

On the next episodes of The Girlfriend Experience, Bria continues trying to lure Paul into her web, both perplexed and aroused by his unwillingness to go to bed with her. Though Paul’s money (and willingness to spend it) is certainly an aphrodisiac for Bria, particularly considering her current financial circumstances, it won’t be enough to comfort her when she finds out that Donald is no longer in police custody. This is Bria’s initial fears about the safe house being so close to Donald coming to fruition, in that he’s powerful and connected enough to find her and Kayla with the trial still a ways away. Bria only agreed to testify for legal immunity and the protection that the government would provide, but would she be willing to accept the increased presence of Ian, who pledges to keep her and Kayla safe after bugging the apartment without her knowledge, in exchange for her safety? 

Elsewhere on The Girlfriend Experience, Erica weighs an illicit deal that would bring Right To Act an enormous donation, while Anna agrees to sexually subjugate herself to Erica not knowing that Erica has emotionally re-engaged with Darya and Novak uses the compromising information found about Sandra to his advantage.

The Girlfriend Experience airs Sundays at 9:00 on Starz.


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