The Crossing Cancelled by ABC The Crossing Cancelled by ABC
ABC has opted to cancel supernatural drama The Crossing after one season, it was confirmed today. The series starred Steve Zahn and Natalie Martinez. The Crossing Cancelled by ABC

ABC has officially cancelled genre drama The Crossing after one season, the network confirmed today.

The series debuted with fairly modest numbers following American Idol, but once Idol gave way to Dancing with the Stars, The Crossing‘s numbers collapsed even further. The series never had the buzz to make up for that and where it’s a serialized genre show, there wasn’t much that could be done as far as reboots that could stir interest in the concept. This type of Lost-chasing show is something that ABC has tried innumerable times and frankly, the audience is never there.

From Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie (Matador), The Crossing told the story of a group of refugees who claim to be from the future attempting to seek asylum in an American town. The series chronicled the town’s response to these new residents and the supernatural abilities one refugee presents that change everything.

The series starred Steve Zahn (Treme), Natalie Martinez (Kingdom), Sandrine Holt (Hostages), Tommy Bastow (EastEnders), and Rob Campbell (Hedwig and the Angry Itch). It’s one of a number of ABC cancellations today, including Kevin (Probably) Saves the World, Deception, The Mayor, Alex, Inc., and Inhumans.

The Crossing will wrap this summer on ABC.


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