The Bold Type Photos and Sneak Peeks: “Plus It Up” The Bold Type Photos and Sneak Peeks: “Plus It Up”
On tonight's episode of The Bold Type, Jane is assigned to write about her fertility treatments, while Kat throws a fundraiser for a local... The Bold Type Photos and Sneak Peeks: “Plus It Up”

Jane decided to freeze her eggs in order to give herself more options when it comes to having children. It keeps her from rushing to have a child too soon over her BRCA anxiety and allows her the type of flexibility necessary to pursue her career goals without being weighed down by pregnancy worries or said early baby. However, Jane making the best of a bad situation doesn’t mean that she’s entirely comfortable with the egg freezing process, especially since she and Ryan are still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship. With Ben having left due to the distance her medical journey created, would she be willing to let her new significant other into the fold?

On tonight’s episode of The Bold Type, Jane pitches an article to Patrick concerning her fertility treatments, focusing on demystifying what can be an intimidating and expensive endeavor. The idea of a women’s health article for the dot-com is part of the reason why Patrick snatched her up from the magazine, but he offers a personal twist on her pitch; he wants her to write it with Ryan and give the perspective of a young, successful couple undergoing something so intimate together. Not only is Jane a control freak with whom collaboration isn’t exactly easy, she’s been guarded as to her fertility treatments so as to not scare Ryan off. In her mind, if he is forced to deal with doctor appointments, injections, a lack of sex, etc., the bubble they’ve been living their relationship in will burst; the fun, effortless, sexy times they’ve been sharing will be replaced by a heaviness that they might not be able to come back from. But if Jane isn’t willing to open herself up to Ryan about something so personal, could she wind up driving him away anyway?

Elsewhere on The Bold Type, Sutton tries to balance her desire for autonomy with her new living situation with Richard and a busy time at work, while Kat goes on a mission to save a local lesbian bar from being replaced with high-priced condos.

The Bold Type airs tonight at 8:00 on Freeform.


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THE BOLD TYPE - "Plus It Up" - Jane begins her fertility treatments in preparation for freezing her eggs and is assigned an article to write about her experience, but with a very personal twist. Kat learns that a prominent lesbian bar is being closed down and replaced with condos and decides to throw a Queer Prom to fundraise its rescue. Sutton moves in with Richard but struggles to accept his help when Oliver's mysterious absences force her to put in more hours at work. This episode of "The Bold Type" airs April 16 (8:00-9:01 P.M. EDT) on Freeform. (Freeform/Philippe Bosse)MEGHANN FAHY, STEPHEN CONRAD MOORE


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