The Bold Type Photos and Sneak Peeks: “Stride of Pride” The Bold Type Photos and Sneak Peeks: “Stride of Pride”
On the next episode of The Bold Type, Kat challenges a policy at work in order to champion new voices, while Sutton leans... The Bold Type Photos and Sneak Peeks: “Stride of Pride”

As Scarlet‘s first woman of color to head a department, Kat is in a position to affect real change. Granted, she’s still very young, thereby lacking the clout and gravitas to really move the board, and progress at institutions like Scarlet can sometimes take a while even backed by tenured staff members. But if she plays her cards right, she could soon become a revolutionary figure at the magazine be it through how they navigate an evolving media landscape, how they target women of color through their content, or how their staffing decisions impact the direction of Scarlet‘s media presence. It’s an exciting time for Kat and on the next episode of The Bold Type, she gets a chance to really leave her mark at the magazine.

That’s because it’s finally time for her to staff her team and instead of parsing through the innumerable Ivy League educated, perfect-on-paper candidates, she’s decided to find a candidate whose voice isn’t reflected in Scarlet‘s social media presence. Yet after circling someone who she’s excited by, Kat’s disappointed to learn that the board invokes a policy that makes college degrees mandatory for anyone working at Scarlet in their rejection of her candidate. It’s a policy she believes has led to the homogeneity of their messaging and the disproportionate exclusion of people of color from consideration at Scarlet, so instead of backing down, it’s time she finds a way to convince the board to become just a bit more progressive. But how can Kat appeal to the sensibilities of a board that barely understands her department to begin with?

Elsewhere on The Bold Type, Jane losing a job opportunity as a result of a diversity push forces an awkward conversation with Kat regarding white privilege, while a discovery about her recent fling makes Sutton reconsider where she’s at in her love life and whether she might’ve went down the wrong path.

The Bold Type airs Tuesdays at 8:00 on Freeform.


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THE BOLD TYPE - “Stride of Pride” - Kat is excited by a potential addition to her department, but when the board’s corporate policy prevents her from offering the job, she decides to challenge the status quo in the hope of championing new voices. Jane finds a job posting she thinks she’d be perfect for, but her response to the job sparks a difficult conversation with Kat about privilege. Sutton is enjoying her single life, until she discovers something surprising about her latest fling. This episode of “The Bold Type” airs Tuesday, July 3 (8:00 - 9:01 P.M EDT) on Freeform. (Freeform/Philippe Bosse)KATIE STEVENS, DAN JEANNOTTE


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