The Bold Type Season 2 Premiere Photos: “Feminist Army” / “Rose Colored Glasses” The Bold Type Season 2 Premiere Photos: “Feminist Army” / “Rose Colored Glasses”
On the two-hour season premiere of The Bold Type, Jane prepares to publish her first Incite piece, while Kat is forced to confront her... The Bold Type Season 2 Premiere Photos: “Feminist Army” / “Rose Colored Glasses”

At the end of season one, Jane made the bold (heh) move of leaving Scarlet just as she was gaining traction. Her workload wasn’t what she wanted it to be, but she gained positive attention for multiple articles and had slowly began proving herself to Jacqueline, which could’ve only expedited her quest to become a more serious journalist. The move to Incite was Jane chucking the long game in the nearest garbage can and hoping for a little more in the way of immediate gratification, as the editor she would be working for seemed ready to give her the creative freedom that she didn’t have at Scarlet. But just how much creative freedom is too much?

On the season premiere of The Bold Type, Jane is excited for her first official Incite article, her way to announce herself as a harder journalist without the Scarlet reputation standing in her way. This will be her first step toward really fulfilling her dream of regularly covering substantive issues and showing that young women don’t have to just be shunted off to (or interested in) lighter material. However, there’s a tremendous amount of pressure that comes with this first article. Not only is it the first impression she’ll get with Incite readers, it’s an article that Jacqueline is guaranteed to read, which could help validate Jane’s decision to leave if it’s strong enough, and something that puts Jane in touch with a female CEO she’s always admired. This article is a heck of a building block for this next stage of Jane’s career, so what happens if it doesn’t get the reception she’s angling for? Is there any way that she could make a second first impression with a new reader base?

Elsewhere on The Bold Type, Sutton faces the possibility that she and Richard would be allowed to date as well as nasty rumors surrounding her work on a photo shoot, while Kat clashes with Adena over flaunting their relationship and uses a visit from her parents to confront her own anxieties over labels.

The two-hour season premiere of The Bold Type airs Tuesday, June 5th at 8:00 on Freeform.


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THE BOLD TYPE - "Feminist Army" - Jane is excited to publish her first big piece for Incite, especially since she’s writing about a female CEO she admires, and she knows Jacqueline will be reading it. Sutton is thrown when a new corporate policy seems to give her and Richard the green light on their romance. And Adena grows frustrated when Kat seems too eager to flaunt their burgeoning relationship. This episode of "The Bold Type" airs Tuesday, June 12 (8:00 - 9:01 P.M. EDT) on Freeform. (Freeform/Phillippe Bosse)KATIE STEVENS, MEGHANN FAHY


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