The Bold Type Season Finale Photos and Sneak Peeks: “We’ll Always Have Paris” The Bold Type Season Finale Photos and Sneak Peeks: “We’ll Always Have Paris”
On the season finale of The Bold Type, Sutton gains a new perspective on her personal life while in Paris, while Kat struggles to... The Bold Type Season Finale Photos and Sneak Peeks: “We’ll Always Have Paris”

Ever since breaking up with Richard, Sutton has been solely focused on advancing her career. She didn’t want to give up someone as good as him without having the professional success to make up for it, so now is the opportunity for her to build a reputation that begins and ends with her talent and work ethic. Understandably, Sutton’s greatest fear was people attributing any forward momentum she generated in her career to her connection to Richard, but her run-in with Billy in Harrisburg and the romantic troubles of her best friends only further the gnawing loneliness she feels. What good is all this professional success, success that she has earned with her blood, sweat, and ingenuity, if she has no one to share it with?

On the season finale of The Bold Type, Sutton makes it to Paris after retrieving her original birth certificate from Babs. It should be a triumphant moment, a wholly validating experience that proves her worth to Scarlet and all those who thought that Richard was how she got as far as she did; the little girl from Harrisburg who had to make something from nothing did all that and then some, making it in the big city and seeing the world as a result. But as enriching as seeing Paris and working alongside Oliver in preparation for Fashion Week may be, it’s not as fulfilling as Sutton thought it would be due to not having Richard to share it with. He believed in her when no one (but Jane and Kat) did and getting to this point in her career has only caused Sutton to reevaluate her romantic decision-making. Was she right to break things off with him and chase her dreams on her own? Or should she have believed in her talent enough to stand by him?

Elsewhere on The Bold Type, Kat tries to find a way to reset her relationship with Adena, while Jacqueline’s position at Scarlet hangs in the balance and Jane is forced to rethink her fertility plan after finding out that her insurance doesn’t cover egg freezing.

The season finale of The Bold Type airs Tuesday at 8:00 on Freeform. The show has already been renewed for a third season, which is currently in production.


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THE BOLD TYPE - "We'll Always Have Paris" - Sutton’s professional dreams come true when she jets off to Paris for Fashion Week, but while there she gains a new perspective on her situation.  Jane moves forward with her fertility plan, until she learns surprising news about her options and is faced with Ben and Pinstripe’s different solutions.  And Kat faces pressure from Jacqueline to make their Paris party a success, while attempting to reset her relationship with Adena. This episode of "The Bold Type" airs Tuesday, August 7 (8:00 - 9:00 P.M. EDT) on Freeform. (Freeform/Philippe Bosse)SAM PAGE, TATTIAWNA JONES, MEGHANN FAHY


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