The Bold Type Season Finale Photos and Sneak Peek: “Carry the Weight” The Bold Type Season Finale Photos and Sneak Peek: “Carry the Weight”
On the season finale of The Bold Type, Jane gets an assignment that pushes her writing, while Sutton lands herself in an awkward situation... The Bold Type Season Finale Photos and Sneak Peek: “Carry the Weight”

Jane’s time as a writer for Scarlet hasn’t exactly gone as she dreamed it would all those years ago. She thought she would have more creative latitude than she does and that her purpose on the writing staff would be the type of serious political journalism she wants to create; instead, her pitches are at the behest of Jacqueline and she’s had to deal with invasive topics, bias against the Scarlet brand, and the occasional trivial assignment in her quest for professional fulfillment. Even though Jane is a very new writer and would have to work her way up the ladder before the reins get taken off, she still felt some type of way about the expectations of this career path not matching the results she’s seeing.

On the season finale of The Bold Type, Jane gets an assignment to write about a performance artist/activist seeking to raise awareness of sexual assault. It’s the reason she got into writing in the first place, to be able to talk to young women about topics they might not have anyone to turn about, and the type of article she wants to build her brand around. The only problem? Jane still hasn’t found a way to let Jacqueline now that she’s taking the job with Incite. Outside of losing her mother, deciding to leave Scarlet was the toughest thing Jane’s dealt with and that’s further complicated by Jacqueline giving her the type of assignment she’s wanted since day one. But would Jane be willing to give up a position at Incite, with all the Pros she was able to list, for the possibility of a more fulfilling career with Scarlet? Or does her loyalty to Scarlet and relationship with Jacqueline trump all?

Elsewhere on The Bold Type, Kat can’t concentrate on the New York Fashion Week party she’s supposed to throw for Scarlet due to her worry over Adena, while Sutton faces awkwardness with Richard after her encounter with Alex.

The season finale of The Bold Type airs Tuesday at 9:00 on Freeform.

Will Jane ultimately leave Scarlet for Incite? Could Kat throw caution to the wind and hop on a plane to Adena? How will Sutton and Richard handle the awkwardness between them?


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THE BOLD TYPE - "Carry The Weight" - Jane gets an eye opening experience when she is tasked with writing a piece about a performance artist/activist who is speaking out about sexual assault. Kat is distracted by thoughts of Adena while trying to throw a memorable NY Fashion Week party for Scarlet. And Sutton gets into an awkward situation with Richard. This episode of "The Bold Type" airs Tuesday, September 5 (9:01 - 10:02 p.m. EDT) on Freeform. (Freeform/Phillippe Bosse)ANA KAYNE, KATIE STEVENS, AISHA DEE


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