The Bold Type Photos and Preview: “OMG” The Bold Type Photos and Preview: “OMG”
On the next episode of The Bold Type, a run-in with Pinstripe causes Jane to rethink her writing, while Sutton looks for an in... The Bold Type Photos and Preview: “OMG”

Thus far in their relationship, Adena has been something of an enigma with Kat. Beautiful, intelligent, and talented she may be, she’s not been that forthcoming when it comes to her past or anything about herself beyond surface level personal stuff and the odd career anecdote. Initially, that level of evasiveness might’ve been attractive to Kat, as she simply had to know more about this mysterious yet worldly woman, but now that they’re in a real romantic relationship, there’s a certain amount of openness to be expected. Granted, some people are simply more private than others and Kat and Adena haven’t been going out that long, so it’s understandable to not spill your guts the second you become official with someone; it’s just that Kat thought there would be more.

On the next episode of The Bold Type, Adena reluctantly brings Kat out to meet her friends, giving Kat her first taste of the queer social scene. On one level, it’s an exciting time for Kat, as she finally gets to meet people from Adena’s life and experience what it’s like to be around so many queer people at once. However, once they get to Leila’s party, Kat sees that Adena’s dating life before her was more active than she expected. The issue, though, is less Kat’s jealousy at Adena living a very full life before they got together and more that she’s not learning any of this directly from Adena. The openness and honesty with which Kat entered this relationship isn’t being reciprocated and while Adena might have very valid reasons from withholding information from Kat, the fact remains that this relationship will only work if they’re both willing to let the other get to know them, warts and all.

Elsewhere on The Bold Type, Sutton looks for an in with party girl Instagram influencer Brooke, while a run-in with Pinstripe causes Jane to consider a new path in her writing career.

The Bold Type airs Tuesdays at 8:00 on Freeform.

How will Kat handle her first exposure to the queer social scene? Will Sutton be willing to overlook Brooke’s fast lifestyle so that she has a crack at her new friend’s fashion connections? Could running into Pinstripe cause Jane to rethink her newfound connection with Ben? 


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THE BOLD TYPE - “OMG” - Jane crosses paths with Pinstripe, who inspires her to try a new style of writing. Meanwhile, she learns something new about Ben. Adena reluctantly brings Kat out to meet her friends, and Kat quickly immerses herself in the New York lesbian scene. Sutton fights for an in with a well-connected influencer named Brooke. This episode of “The Bold Type” airs Tuesday, June 26 (8:00 - 9:01 P.M. EDT) on Freeform. (Freeform/Phillippe Bosse)AISHA DEE, KATIE STEVENS, MEGHANN FAHY


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