The Bold Type Photos and Sneak Peeks: “Before Tequila Sunrise” The Bold Type Photos and Sneak Peeks: “Before Tequila Sunrise”
On the next episode of The Bold Type, Jane examines her feelings for Ryan, while Kat makes an impulsive decision after learning Adena is... The Bold Type Photos and Sneak Peeks: “Before Tequila Sunrise”

Though Scarlet was able to avoid cuts to editorial, Jane is still in an interesting position regarding her career prospects now that she has an offer on the table from Insight. For years, she dreamed about writing for Scarlet and being the voice that helped guide a generation of young girls through a difficult time in their lives, but with Steinem teetering in a new media market and Insight financially stout and willing to give her creative freedom, it’s understandably tempting to make the change. She could become the serious journalist she always wanted if she went to Insight, but is she willing to let go of the dream of being a Scarlet writer just yet?

On the next episode of The Bold Type, Jane is shocked when a pitch she gives Jacqueline lands in Alex’s lap. Granted, the reasoning behind it makes sense, but it’s symptomatic of Jane feeling like she doesn’t have any creative latitude. Thus far in her short career as a staff writer, she’s had to reveal embarrassing truths about herself to a national audience while being (mostly) unable to delve into the subjects she really wants to explore. It’s an uncomfortable place for her to be after achieving a dream she’s been working years toward and Jane will get a chance to explore that, as well as her feelings for Ryan, when she gets trapped at the office with Sutton, Alex, Jacqueline, and Ryan due to a massive traffic jam. When the universe puts her back against the wall and forces her to think her way out of a tight spot, which direction will Jane go? What will her life look like once she’s able to leave the office?

Elsewhere on The Bold Type, Sutton angles for her first solo styling credit in the magazine after Alex gets his latest assignment, while Kat makes an impulsive decision after learning that Adena is being sent home from New York.

The Bold Type airs Tuesdays at 9:00 on Freeform.

Could the uncertainty surrounding her professional life force Jane to look toward stability with Ryan? Will working closely with Alex push Sutton to look at her friend a little differently? What type of move will Kat make knowing that Adena is on the edge of deportation?


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THE BOLD TYPE - "Before Tequila Sunrise" - Jane, Sutton, Alex, Pinstripe and Jacqueline are all trapped in the Scarlet offices due to a massive traffic jam. Forced to spend time together, Jane reexamines her feelings for Pinstripe. Sutton makes a surprising move.  And when she learns Adena is leaving New York, Kat makes an impulsive decision. This episode of "The Bold Type" airs Tuesday, August 29 (9:01 - 10:02 p.m. EDT) on Freeform. (Freeform/Phillippe Bosse)TAMARA BROWN, MEGHANN FAHY

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