The 100: Richard Harmon Previews “Memento Mori” The 100: Richard Harmon Previews “Memento Mori”
Interview with actor Richard Harmon about The 100 Season 6 episode "Memento Mori" The 100: Richard Harmon Previews “Memento Mori”

Richard Harmon gets some great material to work with in the new episode of The 100 airing Tuesday night, June 10 on The CW.

The episode is called “Memento Mori” and in it, we see how Murphy interacts with Josephine who has taken over the body of Clarke (Eliza Taylor).

We spoke with Harmon about this episode and the developments within in an exclusive interview. Enjoy!

KSITETV’s CRAIG BYRNE: As an actor, how does it feel to be working opposite the same fellow actor playing a completely different character than you’re used to?

RICHARD HARMON: I’m blown away by what Eliza is doing the season. I’ve said that many times, not even today, but over the time that I’ve said, I think Eliza does her best work this season, and they’re really giving her a chance to show just how good she. It’s not just playing Clarke, but playing someone else. So that’s been incredible for me to stand opposite her. Every take, just given her just given her high five. Really great job. Because doesn’t know whether it’s good or not, so every single time, sometimes she would come up and be like, ‘is it good?’ And I’m Like, it’s great. Just keep it going. It’s hard to be on a set where you’re used to playing this character for so many years. And then you’re now having to change it. That’s a little nerve wracking, but I think she handled it with grace and power.

Is there a certain void without Clarke there and having this completely different character, who is not what Clarke added to the group?

I’m sure there is. I just think people should enjoy the difference, and the refreshing aspect to it. It’s sad to not have Clarke there, but I wouldn’t bet against her just yet. She’s a fighter, that one.

At this point in the series, what did Murphy think of Clarke before this whole Josephine thing?

He wasn’t the biggest fan. I think everyone could tell, and I think people could tell that she was pretty fed up with him as well. They have that relationship. It’s very… I wouldn’t even say brother/sister, it’s more like a second cousin that just drives me up the wall.

I think they’re very similar, actually. That’s the thing some people don’t get that I’ve always seen, is that Clarke and Murphy are actually similar characters, just in a different way. Like, they do things differently, but their decision-making is actually somewhat similar in what they do and why they do it. So he wasn’t the biggest fan of her, but he definitely didn’t want her to die. That makes him sad. He definitely is mourning that, but he wasn’t the biggest fan.

In Episode 2 when they were both restrained, they had some interesting dialogue. Can you talk about that scene in particular?

That was a lot of fun, to shoot that episode in particular. Just to have the three of us, Bob, Eliza, and myself, just go toe to toe, was great. I mean, that shows you right there that through all the crap Murphy gave her in the scene where they’re locked up together, and calling her out for all the stuff that she’s done to him over the years, and then for later on, for him to try to save her in that same episode, shows you he doesn’t want her to die. He does have some care for her; he just is not in a great place with her currently.

What is the dynamic between Murphy and Josephine?

I definitely don’t think they’re going to be best friends. He’s not the biggest fan.

It’s kind of weird for Murphy to be in a in a room where he’s probably not the craziest one there. He feels like how everyone else feels when they’re with him, and it’s pissing him off. He likes to be that person, ao it’s kind of ticking him off. He’s not the biggest fan. He doesn’t like her, but he, at this point feels that the alliance with her is necessary, for both himself, and possibly for others.

Do you think Murphy even needs immortality when he seemed to survive through everything else already?

Yeah, at this point, I would have assumed he would have thought he already was immortal. [But] I think I think flatlining and dying for a little bit, like a minute or two in Episode 3, it finally put that fear in him, that’s like, no, I can die. I did. So I think that changed everything for him.

Murphy seems to try to want to get Bellamy to accept a deal. Can you talk about that?

He doesn’t want any more of his people to get hurt. I think a lot of what he’s doing is for selfish reasons, but at least that part is true. He doesn’t want to see them get hurt, and he’s saying to Bellamy that ‘she’s dead. There’s no going back from this. She’s gone. So either get with this, or they’re probably going to kill us. You need to do this. They’re going to kill you, at least, right no, so please take this deal. Please take this deal.”‘ He doesn’t want to lose his brother, even though inside he probably feels like yard he has lost his brother because of betraying him.

Is it fun to play the character who says what’s on everybody’s mind and has his best interests at heart?

Absolutely. I’ve said it for years. He’s sort of like an audience member in that sense. He just sort of watches other people in the scenes, and he just can’t stop himself from saying and being like ‘oh, that’s a stupid idea’ or whatever. That’s that’s always been fun for me.

But on the flip side, do you think it’d be difficult to play a character like Bellamy who is always trying to do “the right thing?”

Absolutely, it would be difficult, and Bob does such a wonderful job with that. I wouldn’t even want to touch it. He’s so good. I like we have the perfect man for that.

This whole storyline with Josephine seems to be like a return to the extremely self centered self preservation Murphy that others might not necessarily like. Were you hoping to get back to that?

I’ve been waiting for years. Truly, I’ve been waiting for years. And I think it was important to do so because the season, somewhat as it goes on, it’s asking the question that we’ve always wanted to know the answer to, which is, how far will Murphy actually go to save himself?

How will Murphy’s other relationships be affected by what is happening right now?

I’m sure a lot of that trust is going to be broken that he has spent years building up. I have no doubt. I mean, that there’s no way that it couldn’t. I think the most important thing is to see if Emori finds out about the whole thing, how she’s gonna feel about it.

And do you think he will ever be able to get her back from that?

We’re gonna have to watch and find out, I think.

Is it possible that Clarke is gone forever?

Yes, absolutely. I mean, I think everyone else who’s ever gone through this process is gone forever. But Clarke, obviously, is a pretty special individual. So if anyone can make it through, It would be her, but there’s absolutely a chance that she’s done forever.

Which characters are the biggest threat to Murphy right now?

Funny enough, Josephine, actually. Even though that’s the one he’s aligned with, it’s probably her. She holds the cards in the situation, and he hates that.

How much of the season is laid out for you all when you guys start every year?

I mean, we go in, and we talk to the writers and we talk to Jason before the season starts and we kind of get a little overview. We talk about what maybe we want, and who we want to work with. But then obviously, we really leave it to them to kind of figure out, and then sometimes we get tidbits of where it’s going, but so often, that’ll change.

You just have to kind of let it loose and just accept it as it comes in the changes, because that’s the beautiful thing about television, and what’s different about television and movies. Movies, you get it, and you choose your arc, and you know exactly how you’re going to mold it. TV, it’s a week to week basis where you’re constantly having some make sense of it through your character, and that’s kind of the great challenge in the beautiful puzzle of television.

Why should people be tuning in to this episode if they have missed the last couple of weeks of The 100?

Oh, boy. If they’ve missed the last couple of weeks, they should catch the last couple of weeks. I’ve said this season is the best season of television that we’ve made on the show. Yeah, come back if you love chaos. Because The 100’s got it in spades. That won’t change.

Is there anything else that you would like to get out there tp say to your fans?

It’s okay if you don’t forgive me.

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