The 100 Prequel Series Could Be Called “Second Dawn” The 100 Prequel Series Could Be Called “Second Dawn”
The title of The 100 prequel spinoff series may end up being The 100: Second Dawn. The 100 Prequel Series Could Be Called “Second Dawn”

This Wednesday, July 8, The CW premieres a very special episode of The 100 that takes us back to beginning of the story. The episode is called “Anaconda” and in addition to some familiar faces from the lore like Erica Cerra‘s Becca Franco, it introduces us to a new protagonist in Iola Evans‘ Callie.

KSiteTV just spoke with Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg for an interview about this week’s installment, and one of our questions was about the potential spinoff’s title – would it be “Anaconda?”

And we got an answer: No.

“The title is definitely not ‘Anaconda’,” Rothenberg told us as part of a larger interview that will be posted on this website before Wednesday. “That’s just the title of the episode. The title of the series, if it goes forward… not gonna commit 1000% to this, but the title on the series document is The 100: Second Dawn.

And there you have it: The title could very likely be The 100: Second Dawn, surely named for the doomsday cult created by Bill Cadogan but also surely a reference to the “second dawn” of civilization. Whatever title the series may have, the pilot episode is enjoyable for fans of The 100 as well as those who may have lapsed. It’s socially relevant, interesting, and full of characters that the audience will want to know more. You can see a trailer for the July 8 episode below.


Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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