The 100 Interview: Shannon Kook Teases Jordan’s “Not Going to Bend a Knee” The 100 Interview: Shannon Kook Teases Jordan’s “Not Going to Bend a Knee”
Interview with Shannon Kook of The CW television series The 100 about the episode "The Old Man and the Anomaly" The 100 Interview: Shannon Kook Teases Jordan’s “Not Going to Bend a Knee”

The situation on Sanctum has gotten trickier now that Bellamy figured out that Clarke isn’t gone, but is alive somewhere within her body with Josephine. On tonight’s episode of The 100 “The Old Man and the Anomaly,” the team makes a decision about how to move forward and not all will agree on the best path forward.

KSiteTV spoke with actor Shannon Kook about how Jordan has adjusted to his new situation with his parents’ friends, Jordan’s relationship with Delilah, how the news about Clarke affects his beliefs about Delilah’s death, and who Jordan will support.

KSITETV’S CARLA DAY: What’s Jordan’s state of mind at this point after all that’s happened and having met the people his parents told him stories about?

SHANNON KOOK: They have been idols of his. And Jordan has been aching for friendship and companionship. I don’t think Jordan has experienced a friendship and companionship that he had hoped for from everybody. I think that they are both adjusting to him and also adjusting to so much else going on in Sanctum and around them. The dust hasn’t settled quite yet for them to have room to really connect with Jordan on that level and Jordan is lonely. He lost his parents and his first love within the span of a few days. He will now have to adjust and come to terms with that. We saw Jordan quite quickly build a strong connection with another human, you could say alien, who knows. Now he doesn’t have that, so it will be interesting to see how Jordan deals with that sort of circumstance.

Is that why he fell so hard and fast for Delilah and is dealing with her situation?

Well, no, he could have fallen for any of the women who he encountered before her, but I think there was a real connection there [between Jordan and Delilah]. His companions have been teasing him and I think they almost view it as puppy love, but I see it as true feelings. If it’s the first or the last, the real feeling is there. Real love is there, as they say. I don’t discount it at all. He’s a grown man. He fell hard for her because the timing and the person was right.

Now that he and the other Skaikru know that Clarke is “alive,” how does that change his thoughts on what’s going on with Delilah?

Jordan has always had hope that he’d figure out something to rectify the situation with Delilah. You do see him become crushed by the news, but he is the first to feel that something is wrong and figuring out the truth of the situation. Now, that he’s found out that she’s in fact alive that just emboldens him further.

Now that the team is together and they know that Clarke’s alive, what direction do they take to try and save her?

His companions have noticed that Sanctum is actually a peaceful place even though Russell isn’t using the best measures. There’s talk of maintaining peace, whereas Jordan feels– is not so soft on the fact that they are perpetual murderers and that they murdered Clarke and Delilah. Jordan may not agree with his peers.

Murphy was someone that Jordan admired. Does Jordan have different feelings towards Murphy now?

I think his feelings are the same about Murphy. He hasn’t had much interaction with Murphy. I think that Jordan admires that Murphy’s here on his own terms and I think Jordan admires that he’s honest with himself. Jordan aspires to a part of that in his own characteristics and manners, which he’s now putting to the test. He does embody a lot of the harmonious traits of his parents, but he also has the propensity to condemn the rules. Jordan’s still figuring himself out. He’s also still figuring out his peers. He may have perceptions of Murphy and everyone else, but he’s still figuring out his personal relationships with them outside of stories and tales that he’s heard. You know, you meet your idols and they can be very different people, or they can be better. People sometimes say, “Never meet your idol.”

There’s power in leadership in the group that’s developing, where does Jordan find himself? Who does he think the leader of the pack is right now?

Jordan is leading himself to be honest. Jordan respects all his peers, but he’s not going to bend a knee to someone because they say something that he disagrees with. That’s been represented several times over the last couple episodes. He doesn’t listen to anyone else, he does his own thing. And, he does what he thinks is right. His father said, “Be the good guys,” and I think he holds that very close to his chest. That being said, what his father thinks is good and right might be different than what Jordan thinks it is in time. Jordan is his own leader. He respects his peers, but just because he’s a nice, good person, that doesn’t mean he won’t stand up for what he believes.

The 100 “The Old Man and the Anomaly” airs tonight (June 25) on The CW. Take a look at some preview images below!

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