The 100: Eliza Taylor Previews Season 5 The 100: Eliza Taylor Previews Season 5
Eliza Taylor previews Season 5 of The 100. The 100: Eliza Taylor Previews Season 5

The fifth season of The 100 premieres on The CW on April 24, but tonight, the cast will be descending upon the Wondercon convention in Anaheim, California, to preview Season 5.

But before we get to that… why don’t we share something from our visit to The 100′s sets last year, starting with Eliza Taylor who plays Clarke?

“She’s gone through tremendous loss in her life, as we all know, in her short time on the ground before the time jump,” Taylor told us. We thought she’d be alone, but that’s not the case at all… there is someone at Clarke’s side – Madi is there, now played by Lola Flanery.

“Now having this little sidekick who she loves with all her heart, a surrogate daughter type, she’s found some sort of peace and happiness, until, of course, the prison ship comes down,” Taylor teased.

You can see video from our interview with Eliza Taylor on The 100 set below.


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