Lindsey Morgan “Excited” To Join Jared Padalecki on The CW’s Walker Lindsey Morgan “Excited” To Join Jared Padalecki on The CW’s Walker
The 100's Lindsey Morgan shares her excitement for working with Jared Padalecki on The CW's Walker Texas Ranger update. Lindsey Morgan “Excited” To Join Jared Padalecki on The CW’s Walker

The 100 fan favorite Lindsey Morgan has played Raven Reyes on The CW sci-fi drama since the show’s first season; this week, she takes on an additional role as director of the July 1 episode “The Queen’s Gambit.”

We spoke with Lindsey about her directorial debut in an interview that will be posted this week, but we also asked Ms. Morgan about her next role, starring as Micki Ramirez in The CW’s reboot of Walker Texas Ranger, titled simply Walker. The show is expected to launch in January 2021, and it will team her up with Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki who plays Cordell Walker.

“I am so excited,” she exclaimed when asked about working with Padalecki on Walker.

“I apparently was the last person to meet him in the world,” Morgan continued. “But everyone told me that he’s absolutely amazing, and the nicest guy, and everyone was right. We had met for a chemistry test with Walker, and he was just electric. Just awesome to work with. So creative, so funny, and he totally had me on my toes. But I am ready for that! It kind of woke me up in a new creative place in my brain. I really enjoyed working with him, just from that small amount. I’m really looking forward to it.”

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