EXCLUSIVE: Hear A Track From Tree Adams’ The 100 Season 4 Soundtrack!EXCLUSIVE: Hear A Track From Tree Adams’ The 100 Season 4 Soundtrack!
Exclusive preview of the track "Zero G Nightblood" from Tree Adams' soundtrack for The 100 Season 4 EXCLUSIVE: Hear A Track From Tree Adams’ The 100 Season 4 Soundtrack!

The official soundtrack for the fourth season of The 100 hits this week, and we have an exclusive track to share with you, the loyal fans of The 100 at KSiteTV!

You can order the soundtrack through many different mediums, including iTunes; the full list of places where you can get it can be found here. Adams’ score for the series is one of the great things that makes The 100 such an immersive world, and the sound is something you can easily get lost in.

This particular track from The 100 Season 4: Original Television Soundtrack is called “Zero G Nightblood.”


Here’s a complete track listing for the release; be warned there may be some spoilers within the listings. Tree Adams’ soundtrack is being released through Watertower Music.

1. Zero G Nightblood
2. Clarke’s Mission
3. Praimfaya
4. The 12th Seal
5. The Mentor’s Voice
6. Skairippa
7. Rocket
8. Bellamy and Clarke
9. King Roan
10. Raven’s Plight
11. See You On The Other Side
12. I See You
13. Octillian
14. Marper
15. Ilian The Destroyer
16. Azgeda Standoff
17. Echo of the Ice Nation
18. Kabby
19. Bellamy In The Black Rain
20. Indra and Gaia
21. The Bond of Siblings
22. My People, My Responsibility
23. Bellamy’s Call
24. Miller And Bryan
25. Ascension
26. Echo Defeats Octavia

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