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Extinction: Terra Nova Has Been Canceled By FOX

Multiple outlets including TV Guide, EW.com, and TVLine are reporting that FOX has passed on a second season of Terra Nova.

TV Guide Magazine is also reporting that 20th Century Fox may end up shopping the Jason O'Mara-led series to other networks, but considering the show's cost, it is probably fairly unlikely that the show would go on. An early start would have to happen because of the additional production needs involving special effects.

The show premiered to high ratings that dropped off over time; if the series is to be renewed, the budget would probably have to be cut to give the show a profit

Surely more news -- or more official news, at least -- will be coming momentarily.

Do you think there should be a Terra Nova Season 2? Let your feelings be heard on KSiteTV's Terra Nova forum.


  1. Man that sucks, I really liked this show. And the season finale promised season 2 would be even better

  2. I agree, the show is very exiting, c'mon! that's enough of canceling series!!!! i'm sure that all networks are loosing more than earned.....

  3. Sci fi on FOX. I should have known better than to start watching this show.

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