Teen Wolf Spoilers: “Chaos Rising” Description & TrailerTeen Wolf Spoilers: “Chaos Rising” Description & Trailer
Promo trailer and spoiler description for the Teen Wolf episode Chaos Rising Teen Wolf Spoilers: “Chaos Rising” Description & Trailer

The Season 3 premiere of Teen Wolf has just concluded on the East Coast of the United States, but that’s not all for Teen Wolf fans coming up: Another new episode, titled “Chaos Rising,” airs next Monday, June 10, at 10PM ET!

MTV has released a VERY short description for the episode, which you can find below:

Allison and Lydia locate a possible clue to finding Boyd and Erica; one of Stiles’ childhood friends goes missing.

Yeah, not a lot, is it?

Here’s the promo trailer for the episode which aired on something called “Ice” that was published to Youtube. Hopefully soon we’ll also have a hold of MTV’s aired promo, which promised “This Season On Teen Wolf” which means it covered more than just the June 10 episode:

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