KSiteTV Interview: Teen Wolf’s Jeff Davis Previews Season 2 KSiteTV Interview: Teen Wolf’s Jeff Davis Previews Season 2
KSiteTV speaks with Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis about Teen Wolf Season 2 KSiteTV Interview: Teen Wolf’s Jeff Davis Previews Season 2

The second season of MTV’s Teen Wolf premieres on Sunday night, June 3, and in preparation for the big day, showrunner/developer/Executive Producer Jeff Davis took some time out of his busy schedule for a phone interview with KSiteTV’s Craig Byrne to talk about what we have to expect from the second season.

We talked about some new characters and situations that we’ll be seeing, so needless to say, there are some spoilers within. Enjoy the interview!

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KSITETV: What can you tease about the new characters that we’ll be seeing in Season 2?

JEFF DAVIS: I think we have some pretty dynamic new characters coming on. We’ve got several new werewolves. We’ve got a fantastic new villain in Michael Hogan, who plays Gerard, who is Argent’s father. It’s kind of a funny thing, because I’m a huge fan of Michael Hogan from Battlestar Galactica, and now I can call him a really good friend. We just had lunch the other day when he was in L.A.. He’s just a tremendous guy. Great theater actor. He’s going to bring quite a bit of villainy to our new season.

Was it easier to get guests for Season 2 now that Teen Wolf is an established show?

I think so, yes. With Hogan, once I saw him on the available list, I just knew he would be perfect, and I said to my casting director “Get him. We have to have him. He’s perfect.” And John Wesley Shipp is phenomenal in the first two episodes as well. So yeah. It feels like we’ve come back, and we’ve proven ourselves a little bit. I see in the reviews a lot these days, the first lines of reviews usually start off with that they were genuinely surprised by how good the show was. So it’s nice to hear. It’s nice that we didn’t come off as just another schlocky remake of a 1980’s movie.

What can you tell us about Daniel Sharman’s new character, Isaac?

He is what I call “the anti-Scott McCall.” He’s a bit of a loner, and he’s got a troubled history with his family. In this new season, Derek chooses his new wolves by their insecurities, and Isaac is the kind of young man who, once he gets bitten, he doesn’t exactly make all of the right choices. He’s going to be a bit of a mystery at first, and he’s going to need to learn a few things the hard way… from Scott, and from Derek.

Isaac has an interesting relationship with his father. Can you talk about that?

Isaac has what I would call a dark relationship with his single father, the secrets of which are one of the reasons he agrees to be part of Derek’s pack.

Do you think Scott and Isaac are both built on the kinds of relationships they had with their parents?

A little bit, yes. I come from a single parent family myself, so I kind of like writing from that perspective, of families that lack father figures or that don’t have that perfect nuclear family, and how it changes them. It’s always about what’s missing in life, and how these kids seek to fulfill it. Whether it’s that missing authority figure, or that missing element of the family somehow.

The family background of Jackson was one of the interesting things to come out of Season 1. What do we have to look forward to in his future?

He’s going to have some difficulties in his transition. From the trailers, everybody knows that he did get his wish from Derek. But it’s not going to be as easy as he thinks. He doesn’t suddenly just turn into a werewolf. In fact, he has some difficulties with the bite. I think people are going to have fun seeing how he progresses with that.

One thing that hit me after seeing the first two episodes of Season Two: How much pull do the Argents have in Beacon Hills, anyway?

I like to say that they have their fingers in just about every authoritarian office. You’d think that they’ve built something of a well rounded syndicate around the world. It all ties back into the great ideas of secret societies and things like that.

In the letter that came with the screener you mentioned that people might want to call the show Teen Wolves by season’s end. Can you explain what you meant by that?

I said to the writers when we first sat down, we wanted to take the same kind of approach that James Cameron took with Aliens. He added an “s” to the title and just took it bigger and better. I feel like we really found our footing in the last half of the first season, and we kind of discovered what the show is, really… so it was a way of making it more thrilling, more dramatic, more entertaining… I really hope that we grab the attention of our existing audience and build a bigger audience as well. So it’s about making things bigger and better. We’re a cable show pretending to be a network show, I would say.

Do the eye colors of the wolves have any significance?

They absolutely do. The blue of Derek Hale, as compared to the yellow of most werewolves, as compared to the red of the Alphas, and then there are secrets that I’m not quite going to give away just yet. But as a Star Wars fan, I knew I wanted to give everybody their different colored lightsaber, in a way.

Isaac has very different wolf makeup effects than what we see on Scott. Can you talk about that?

We’ve changed up the makeup a bit. We wanted to make the ears a little more wolf-like; a little less Spock-like. We wanted to essentially make some of the wolves look more demonic, even. We’re progressing Derek’s character more towards the monstrous Alpha. He looks a little bit meaner, so we’ve adjusted some of the eyebrow makeup. One interesting aspect is that, say, Isaac, is that has no eyebrows. If you notice, Scott has eyebrows. The difference is, it makes you look far more demonic when you don’t have eyebrows on your character’s makeup. So it’s a way of making him a meaner version of Scott.

What can you tease about shape shifters coming in?

I can’t tease anything about that. What I can say is that we do have a character that is called the Abomination, which isn’t quite the same as the werewolves we have in the story. You’ll have to wait and see.

Could this open the door for more creatures later on?

Possibly. This is a story that lends itself well to the themes of our season, so if it lends itself well to upcoming seasons, then yes. But what I like to say is that every culture out there has some sort of shape shifter myth, so there’s a wealth of mythology from which to choose.

What is going on with the relationship between Scott and Allison at this point?

They’re going to get inexorably pulled apart, unfortunately. But they will always struggle to stay together, and it’s in that struggle that we’re going to find a lot of our best dramatic conflict. She’s being gradually trained to be a hunter of werewolves, where he’s finding his own footing, and learning that he may not want to be just human anymore. He may, in fact, want to embrace this side. They have a romance to begin with, and eventually, keeping that secret becomes harder and harder.

There’s another new character we meet in the season premiere – a photographer named Matt (Stephen Lunsford). What is his deal, and is he going to get in the way of Scott and Allison as well?

Matt is a potential threat to Scott and Allison’s relationship. It’s the problem of Scott having too much to deal with, that he doesn’t quite notice when an interloper steps his way in. You’ll have to wait and see how that plays out. We definitely wanted to give even more conflict. We start with “What’s the worst that could happen to these characters?” and we just pile on the conflict.

What’s going to happen with Stiles and his chasing after Lydia this season?

We’re going to throw a wrench into Stiles’ pursuit as well. Stiles isn’t going to be quite the hero that he was last season. He’s going to stumble and trip along the way. His love for Lydia is still there, but it’s going to get sidelined, possibly, by another love interest.


[Laughs] Wouldn’t the fans like that? I’ve looked up “Sterek” and there are some images that I now cannot erase from my memory.

How much nudity can we expect in the first two hours of the new season?

A shocking amount. But none that will get the Parents Television Council up in arms. Our nudity is always as subtle as can be. We never really shoot anyone nude. It’s a lot of bare arms and bare men. I think it’s pretty safe. We’re in the European tradition of werewolves, so why not be in the European tradition of showing skin?

Are we going to see more of the Coach or Danny this season?

Absolutely. They’re a big part of the season. Coach has some of my favorite scenes, and almost an entire episode revolves around Danny.

Mr. Harris seems to be holding things that happened last season against Stiles in the premiere. Can you talk about that?

Adam Fristoe who plays Mr. Harris is a great actor, and he just relishes this villainous role. He’s the kind of teacher we all had in high school, who just, for some reason, seems like they’re out to get you. So he’s going to cause problems for just about all of our students. It’s that idea that normal high school life comes in at the worst possible moments. It’s another way to add conflict.

Will we be seeing Scott’s mom at any point in Season 2?

Oh, absolutely. She’s a big part of the season as well. There are a few surprises in store for her.

What would you consider the theme to be for Season Two compared to the theme for last year?

I’ve said this before; I think Season One was all about learning to tame the beast, and I think Season Two is about ‘with great power comes great responsibility.’ Also, I think the real theme for me about the season is can Scott be an Omega? Can be the lone wolf and survive on his own, or does he need a pack? Is that Derek’s pack, or is it a pack of his own making?

Is there anything else you’d like to tease or say about tuning in on Sunday night?

[Fans] should definitely tune in to the Movie Awards, because we will be showing a ‘this season on…’ trailer, and it’s going to have a lot of good new footage in there, and it’s quite well edited! Our thanks go to Jeff Davis for talking with KSiteTV. Come talk Teen Wolf on our new TW forum and be sure to tune in Sunday night after the MTV Movie Awards!


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