The CW has released a preview clip from this week’s episode of Supernatural. Look for it on Friday, October 7. See a gallery of images from the episode! Read more
Here is the promotional trailer for the October 7 episode of Supernatural, which is called “The Girl Next Door.” You can find a gallery of images from the episode here. Come talk about Supernatural on our forum! Read more

Supernatural #7.3 “The Girl Next Door” Images!

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The CW has released an official description for the third episode of Supernatural Season 7. The title of the episode is “The Girl Next Door.” Read more
Many of these titles were already known to fans, but thanks to Andreas, we now have a compiled list of the first nine episodes of Supernatural Season 7. Season 7 begins Friday, September 23 on The CW. #7.1 “Meet the New Boss” #7.2 “Hello, Cruel World” #7.3 “The Girl... Read more