Here’s the official description for the March 9 episode of The CW’s 90210, the first new episode in several months! Read more
The CW’s Melrose Place returns with new episodes on March 9, and here’s the official description for the first episode back, titled “Oriole.” (Am I the only one amused that the actor named Billy Campbell is appearing on Melrose Place? If there’s an actress named Alison Parker out there,... Read more
The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that actress Maggie Q is “in talks” to play the lead role in The CW’s Nikita pilot. The Hawaiian-born actress’s previous credits include Live Free Or Die Hard. The THR headline says “Maggie Q To Star As ‘Nikita'” though the article says “in talks”;... Read more
Here’s some as-yet-unconfirmed gossip (so please view it as such). The @Blabznews Twitter feed posted this tidbit tonight regarding actor James Frain (The Tudors): #JamesFrain is talking about his involvement in “#Nikita”, a 1 hour pilot produced by #McG, Peter Johnson, and Craig Silverstein for the CW Could he... Read more
More details have emerged about The CW’s pilot presentation Nomads. THR has revealed that the pilot will be written and directed by Numb3rs executive producer Ken Sanzel, which is a fact I apparently overlooked when reading TVMoJoe’s original report (though Adalian did have it first). What do you think?... Read more
The CW, who recently announced that they have ordered additional seasons of five of their shows, has now ordered a pilot presentation from producer/director Ridley Scott and his brother Tony Scott, as revealed by TV MoJoe (Josef Adalian). The male-skewing project (a rarity for the usually female-oriented network) is... Read more
The CW Network has announced that they have renewed their series The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, 90210, Supernatural and America’s Next Top Model for the 2010-2011 fall season. Still not confirmed are future seasons of Read more
Here is the official CW description for “Crisis Unaverted,” the March 1 episode of Life Unexpected. Read more
Be warned of spoilers below. The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that General Hospital and The Closer actor Stephen Martines has joined the cast of The CW’s Vampire Diaries in a recurring role as a vampire named Frederick who was thought to be in Katherine’s tomb. No official word yet... Read more
The two-hour Smallville event Absolute Justice airs on Friday night, and to prepare viewers for the big night, the writer of the story, Geoff Johns, has participated in an interview with our Smallville website, Give it a read – Spoiler Warning! Read more