The CW has released several images from Episode #5.13 of Supernatural, titlted “Back to the Future, Part 2.” You can find them on the KryptonSite Network’s SPNsite. Read more
Not really. But here’s one of the preview images for the January 29 episode, “Warrior:” You can find a full gallery of Smallville “Warrior” images here. Read more
On KryptonSite’s spoilers page a revised title for the 14th episode of Smallville Season 9 has been posted, but more excitedly, so are titles for the season’s 17th and 18th episodes. The title of #9.17 should be of the most importance as it implies a famous organization from DC... Read more
Although most of today’s TV news was dominated by the NBC/Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien drama, the KryptonSite network of sites was busy updating with some new content, in addition to the creation of this blog. For Smallvile, the official CW description for the January 29 episode, “Warrior” has now been... Read more
Just posted on our Human Target site, Target419 – more images from the series’ second episode, “Rewind.” “Rewind” airs on January 20 right after American Idol on FOX. Enjoy! Read more
On KryptonSite, we’ve just posted the titles for the 13th and 14th episodes of Smallville Season 9. Episode #9.13 will be titled “Hubris,” and Episode #9.14 is titled “Conspiracy.” (Now let’s see how long before our favorite content thief posts THAT as their own news without credit!) Read more
On, we’ve just posted the first promotional photo for Heroes “Redemption” featuring Hayden Panettiere. The picture is a bit spoilery, so check it out by following this link: Spoiler Warning! Please spread the word and link people to the site! Read more
NBC has issued an official description for the fourth season of Heroes. Find it on! Read more
The CW has created this new video recap of the past season of Smallville to get people ready for the show’s new season which begins on Friday, September 25. You can find a lot more about Smallville, of course, at Read more