Last week, KSiteTV’s Craig Byrne traveled to Vancouver, BC, to the set of The CW’s new series The Secret Circle, which stars Life Unexpected’s Britt Robertson as Cassie, a young woman who moves to the mysterious town of Chance Harbor after the death of her mother. Once there, she... Read more
We’re a little more than three weeks away from the series premiere of The Secret Circle. Here’s a video interview with Natasha Henstridge (Dawn Chamberlain), courtesy of The CW. Read more
Natasha Henstridge first became known to genre audiences for her breakout role in the movie Species. She’s been working regularly ever since, and now, she will be introduced to a whole new generation as one of the mysterious characters we’ll be seeing in The CW’s new series, The Secret... Read more
She’s got a special power that she’s not afraid to use. “She” is Faye Chamberlain, the queen bee of the Secret Circle’s coven, and the actress playing her is Phoebe Tonkin, a fantastic actress who many Australian fans are already familiar with for her work on the mermaid series... Read more