NCIS: Los Angeles: Photos From Tonight’s Season 9 Finale

Preview images and guest cast list for the NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 finale episodes “A Line in the Sand” and “Ninguna Salida”

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The Big Bang Theory: Spoilers For The Season 10 Premiere

CBS has released details about The Big Bang Theory Season 10 premiere, airing in September on the network.

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Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale Photos: “Fear (Of The Unknown)”

Preview images of the Grey’s Anatomy season finale which is called Fear (Of The Unknown)

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Canada’s SPACE Channel again impresses, this time with their promotional trailer for Smallville’s September 24 season premiere.

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It’s probably only a matter of time before Warner Bros.’ legal people have them removed, but for now, you can see what looks to be the best copy yet of the Smallville Season 10 Comic-Con promotional trailer on Youtube.

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I admit, when I saw TeenNick had an “Every Degrassi Ever” marathon on today, I totally tuned in. And I will be tuning in next week, when Degrassi takes on a daily schedule for a few weeks. Yep, I said daily. In a world where fans of primetime teen-oriented... Read more
Okay, I admit it: At 32, I’m wayyyy out of Degrassi’s target demographic, and actually closer in age to the original generation than The Next Generation. Yet this Canadian teen series, which is about to enter its tenth season, makes for good TV, and several now-famous folk like Nina... Read more
Following quoted reports of Tom Welling stating that Season 10 would be the last in a report at, KryptonSite has gotten confirmation from the studio that this is indeed true. There will probably be more detailed reports about this at tomorrow’s CW Upfronts presentation. For more on Smallville... Read more
UPDATE: Since this article was first written, The CW HAS renewed Smallville for a tenth year, and Michael Rosenbaum has Tweeted that he has good news coming but that it does not involve Smallville. At the time this was written, neither of those things were the case. There’s been... Read more