Earlier this month, we along with several other media outlets had the opportunity to visit the sets of ABC’s upcoming series, Once Upon A Time, at the show’s filming location in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The show, which premieres on Sunday, October 23, transports the audience into a fairy tale... Read more
Courtesy of IO9 here are a few images from the second episode of Once Upon A Time, titled “The Thing You Love Most.” Look for the episode on October 30. Come by our Once Upon A Time forum! Read more
ABC has released an official description for the second episode of Once Upon A Time, which airs on October 30 – one week after the October 23 series premiere. Greg Beeman directs! Read more
Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s “Anya”/Life Unexpected’s “Emma” Emma Caulfield is the latest genre favorite to go Once Upon A Time. Caulfield will be appearing on the show as the “Blind Witch” from the Hansel and Gretel fairy tales. The news was confirmed this afternoon by Emma herself — she... Read more
KSiteTV has learned the titles for the second and third episodes of Once Upon A Time. Episode Two, airing on October 30, is called “The Thing You Love Most,” and the November 6 episode is called “Snow Falls.” See some images from the show! Read more
Falling Skies’ Jessy Schram is making the leap from one genre TV series to another. Schram, who appeared in several episodes of Falling Skies Season 1 as “Karen,” has been cast in the role of Cinderella in ABC’s upcoming modern-day-fairy-tale series, Once Upon A Time. The news was confirmed... Read more