ABC’s Once Upon A Time: Images, Interviews, Forum, Video & More – All In One Place!

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ABC released the first nine minutes yesterday, but today through Saturday, you can find the full pilot of Once Upon A Time on IMDB. Legally! If you’d like to see the show, all you have to do is head over to IMDB and check it out: Once Upon A... Read more
You’ve probably noticed from previous postings that Once Upon A Time is a new show that we’re quite excited about around here. The show premieres very soon – October 23, 2011 – and to get people psyched for the first episode, ABC has released a series of character/actor introduction... Read more
ABC’s Once Upon A Time premieres in 15 days. Within that time, you can expect to see some interviews with the show’s cast and crew here at KSiteTV. The show should be right up the alleys of the KSiteTV audience, and hopefully a lot of people will be dropping... Read more
We’ve still got two months before ABC premieres Once Upon A Time on Sunday, October 23. In case you’ve missed some of our previous updates about the show, it is about the mixing of worlds between fairy tale classics and real life, thanks to a curse from an evil... Read more
ABC has released another promotional trailer for their upcoming series Once Upon A Time. You can read more about Once Upon A Time and see some promotional character “posters” here. Read more
Here’s a newer promotional trailer for ABC’s Once Upon A Time, which premieres on Sunday, October 23. (It’s technically not “new” because it’s been around for a few weeks… but, it’s new to us!) Read more
Here are the first official images from ABC’s new series Once Upon A Time from LOST’s Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. Like NBC’s Grimm, this series takes fairy tales into a modern setting by relocating some of these legends to a quirky town. Kind of like The Charmings by... Read more