Ms. Marvel Series in Development at Disney+

Ms. Marvel, a live-action scripted series focused on Marvel character Kamala Khan, has been put into development by Disney+.

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Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors Premieres Tonight On Disney Channel

Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors premieres tonight on Disney Channel.

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ABC Passes On AKA Jessica Jones

The Marvel Comics-based series won’t be happening.

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Another day promoting Twilight: Breaking Dawn, and even more comes out about ABC’s adaptation of the comic book series Alias from the project’s writer, Melissa Rosenberg. The latest comes from IO9, where Rosenberg reveals several tidbits: – What’s her deal, power-wise? “Jessica Jones is also kick ass,” Rosenberg says.... Read more
For almost a year now, ABC has been developing the TV series AKA Jessica Jones, featuring the character that originated in the Alias comic book who is now one of the main characters in the New Avengers. Melissa Rosenberg, who wrote the pilot script, has been taking on the... Read more