A TV Series Set In Marvel’s Avengers World?

Marvel and ABC might be teaming up for a TV series set in the Avengers universe.

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ABC Passes On AKA Jessica Jones

The Marvel Comics-based series won’t be happening.

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Movieline was another outlet to catch up with AKA Jessica Jones screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, asking her what would work about the project – based on the Marvel character that starred in the Alias and Pulse comic book series – after the recent spectacular failure of the proposed NBC Wonder... Read more
For almost a year now, ABC has been developing the TV series AKA Jessica Jones, featuring the character that originated in the Alias comic book who is now one of the main characters in the New Avengers. Melissa Rosenberg, who wrote the pilot script, has been taking on the... Read more
It’s been almost a year since the first announcement that Marvel and ABC would be bringing the character of Jessica Jones to television with a television series AKA Jessica Jones, and aside from an announcement that characters like Luke Cage and Carol Danvers would be part of the show,... Read more
One of the newest and most exciting announcements to come from Jeph Loeb at the Marvel Television panel at this year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego is that there is a series in development for ABC Family based on the Marvel Comics character Mockingbird. Mockingbird has never had a... Read more
And here’s the schedule for Saturday, July 23 at the Comic-Con International in San Diego, including several fan favorite shows. We want to now what that FX screening is, by the way. Powers will be barely filmed, so it can’t be That…. could it? LOST fans should note that... Read more

Jessica Jones might beat out The Hulk as Marvel Comics’ first new live-action TV show.

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