Nikita Season 2 Finale “Homecoming” Images!

Images from the Nikita season finale Homecoming

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Nikita Season Finale Spoilers: “Homecoming”

Spoiler description for the Nikita season 2 finale titled “Homecoming”

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And now, the Vampire Diaries preview clip that we posted screen captures from this weekend is now online, thanks to The CW. Look for “Homecoming” on November 10. See the screen captures from the “Homecoming” clip! Read more
Here are screen captures from a preview clip for the November 10 episode of The Vampire Diaries! “Delena” fans should eat this up, as there is a whole lot of Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev here. Stefan fans, don’t fret – you can also find Paul Wesley within. You... Read more
Our post earlier this week with screen captures of the trailer for the Vampire Diaries episode “Ordinary People” went over so well we asked Mr. Video to send us caps from the trailer for the Nov. 10 episode as well. Of course, he surprised us with caps from not... Read more
The CW has released images from the November 10 episode of The Vampire Diaries. Come talk about the show on our Vampire Diaries forum! Read more
In the series’ 200th episode, Clark Kent is taken by Brainiac to see his… oh wait, wrong show. Here’s the official description for the Nov. 10 episode of The Vampire Diaries. Read more

The CW has released a preview clip from Friday night’s 200th episode of Smallville.

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Thanks to SycloneFX, we now have the Smallville “Homecoming” promotional trailer that aired 10/8 on The CW.

The episode itself, the show’s 200th, will air Friday, October 15.

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The CW has released 17 images from the Oct. 15 200th episode of Smallville.

The episode is called “Homecoming,” and it guest stars James Marsters as Brainiac 5.

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