Wednesday’s Midnight, Texas Has Smallville Connections

Preview images for the Midnight, Texas episode “Riders on the Storm” written & directed by Smallville veterans

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Greg Beeman Blogs About The Falling Skies Premiere

Falling Skies director Greg Beeman has blogged about the second season premiere.

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Now that Falling Skies has wrapped for the first season, blogging director/producer Greg Beeman has put out the call to answer questions that come from fans about the series, or his earlier projects, including Smallville & Heroes. You can leave your questions for Mr. Beeman at his blog, which... Read more
Director/producer Greg Beeman has posted his blog about this week’s episode of Falling Skies, complete with behind-the-scenes photos like the one you can see to your right. Check it out! Don’t forget to come talk about Falling Skies on our forum! Read more
Director Greg Beeman has blogged about this week’s episode of Falling Skies, which was titled “Silent Kill.” As always, it includes behind the scenes photos. Check it out at his newly-redesigned Beaming Beeman blog! Read more
Falling Skies director and executive producer Greg Beeman has blogged about the two-hour Falling Skies series premiere, complete with behind the scenes images like you’d usually expect to see from him. It’s a fantastic way to see how things were done. You can check out his blog here! (Be... Read more

Falling Skies Hour 2: “The Armory” Images & Description

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ABC has released their official description for the March 22 episode of No Ordinary Family. The episode is directed by Smallville fan favorite Greg Beeman and Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess) guest stars.

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So soon after the announcement that Michael Rosenbaum will be playing Lex Luthor again for the series ender, Greg Beeman has announced that he will be directing the final episode of Smallville.

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Blogging director Greg Beeman, who kept readers up to date on Smallville and Heroes, has now posted a new blog about his experiences on his new show, the Steven Spielberg-produced Falling Skies.

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