Review by Craig Byrne The recent DVD release of The Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Hamlet – starring Doctor Who’s David Tennant and Star Trek: the Next Generation’s Patrick Stewart – gives audiences who might not have had the chance to see them on stage, an opportunity to see... Read more
Review by Craig Byrne Ah, old Doctor Who. You really loved that “The ____ of ____” title scheming trope, didn’t you? BBC Video earlier this month released three classic Doctor Who stories to DVD, and being that two of them feature Jon Pertwee’s Third Doctor and two of them... Read more
Those who are familiar with this site and site network probably know that this all started with Superman – first as an online newsletter/website for Lois & Clark and then of course KryptonSite for Smallville. In 1997, soon after Lois & Clark ended but a few years before Smallville... Read more
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Last week, BBC Video released not just one, not two, but THREE classic Doctor Who serials on DVD. I am impressed with their commitment to releasing the classic material as well as the new, and this time we get two stories featuring the Third Doctor and one featuring Sylvester... Read more
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