Inhumans Finale Photos: “… And Finally: Black Bolt”

Preview images for the season finale of Marvel’s Inhumans, titled “… And Finally: Black Bolt”

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Marvel’s Inhumans: New Trailer & Character Poster Art
ABC has released new character posters for Marvel’s Inhumans which sees its IMAX premiere this week before its broadcast start on Friday, September 29. This latest trailer is interesting because, for one, it looks to be a lot more action-packed; but two, it appears Medusa’s bad hair/wig problem has... Read more
Marvel Announces More Inhumans Cast Members

Marvel has announced more additions to their Inhumans cast.

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Secret Circle Episode 19 “Crystal” Images

The CW has released some official imagery for the April 19 return episode of The Secret Circle, which is titled “Crystal.”

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Secret Circle “Crystal” Promo Trailer Screencaps

Screen captures from the trailer for the April 19 return episode of the Secret Circle, titled “Crystal”

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Secret Circle Episode 19 “Crystal” Promo Trailer

Promo trailer for the Secret Circle episode Crystal

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Secret Circle: Who Is The Other Blackwell Child? Find Out April 19

The CW has announced that the April 19 episode of The Secret Circle will reveal who the other Blackwell child is. The episode is called “Crystal.”

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